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11 Best Foldable Bassinets 2020
  • If you are in the market for a folding bassinet, you have come to the right place.
  • You don’t have much space and need a bassinet that folds up and can be stored, or taken with you when you travel.
  • In this article, you will learn about the best foldable bassinets and what features make them awesome.

What to Look For in A Folding Bassinet


    • Safety – You want to make sure that your bassinet is sturdy when it is being used. Strong legs and a stable sleeping area are a must.
    • Ease of Use – Can you fold it with one hand while holding the baby?
    • Storage/Carrying Case – A bassinet that comes with its own carrying case will be much more comfortable to pack around.
    • Weight – A lightweight bassinet will be easier to fold up and put away or take with you than a bulky bassinet.

The Best Foldable Bassinets of 2020

Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Wood Bassinet

  • A simple, portable design gives you the ability to pick up and put away this bassinet easily.
  • Its modern look goes with any decor, and the canopy gives baby privacy and shade.


  • The legs can adjust for rocking or stationary use; this lets you customize your baby’s sleep experience.
  • Some babies love to rock; others get woken up by their rocking movement.
  • Functional and beautiful design.
  • This bassinet will look great in your home, and its simple design does exactly what it needs to do – give your baby a safe sleeping space.
  • Canopy gives your baby shelter from bright lights and offers a cozy sleeping environment.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric allow baby to have the airflow needed for safety but also gives privacy.
  • Baby will feel secure snuggled up in this bassinet.
  • Bassinet folds up with a quick pull on the center of the sleeping base. It is easy for you to do with one hand!
  • Slip-resistant feet mean you don’t have to worry about the bassinet sliding around on your floor.
  • Legs can be turned to a rocking position and offer smooth and gentle rocking, or put in a stationary position to keep it from moving.

Bassinet Weight: 23.1 poundsBassinet Height: 41 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 15.43 pounds

  • I love the look of this bassinet; it is so simple and beautiful.
  • If you don’t need lots of bells and whistles on your bassinet, this is a great choice.
  • I also love that you can quickly change it from a rocking bassinet to a stationary one.

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Primo Cocoon Folding Indoor & Outdoor Travel Bassinet

  • If you need to go out to the garden or want to spend time on your deck, this is the perfect way to bring your sleeping baby outside.
  • The double screen canopy will protect your baby from mosquitoes and wasps.



  • Includes a carrying bag with handles so you can take this bassinet anywhere you need to go.
  • Mesh sides and canopy keep bugs out but allow for lots of airflow, making it an excellent bassinet for summertime use.
  • The mesh canopies are removable, so if you are inside and don’t need them, they are easy to take off.
  • Folds flat and fits easily into the trunk of your car.
  • A good height for bedside use.
  • Easy to fold up and put away when not in use.

Bassinet Weight: 8.6 poundsBassinet Height: 35 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 20 Pounds

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Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

  • A simple, affordable seat and sleeper.
  • This bassinet is very popular, and many people have had positive experiences using it.
  • I love the simple design and the collection of colors available.



  • Easily folds up so you can pack it up and move it around. Bring it to the grandparent’s house, or to the kitchen table while you eat dinner.
  • Has a button for turning on vibration so you can soothe baby back to sleep.
  • Three-point seatbelt holds baby in the seat, so you don’t have to worry about baby falling out.
  • The shape of the seat cuddles baby like they are being held.
  • An inclined seat is excellent for babies who don’t enjoy laying flat.
  • The frame locks into open and closed positions so that the seat stays sturdy.
  • Plastic feet keep it from rocking too far forward or back.
  • The seat is inclined and soft but still has a firm base, so you don’t have to worry about it being bad for your baby to sleep in.

Bassinet Weight: 7.7 poundsBassinet Height: 30.8 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 40 Pounds

  • The Fisher-Price Rock & Play has been a lifesaver for many parents because their babies sleep in them!
  • I love the inclined seat that hugs baby and makes him/her feel secure and safe.
  • The vibration and rocking ability help keep baby asleep.

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Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet

  • I love that this bassinet comes with a Bluetooth speaker, you can play music from your phone for your baby to sleep to.



  • A built-in nightlight and room temperature monitor help you create the best atmosphere to lull your child to sleep.
  • Bluetooth speaker lets you play baby’s favorite bedtime melodies.
  • Very lightweight and easy to fold up so you can take it with you anywhere.
  • Sets up in 5 minutes, no need to spend a whole evening putting it together.
  • Not too bulky and easy to move through doorways.
  • Folds flat, making it easy to load into a vehicle.
  • Large rubber grips on the bottom of the legs keep this bassinet from sliding around.
  • Fits close to a bed so that you can use it for safe co-sleeping.

Bassinet Weight: 10 poundsBassinet Height:  26.8 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds

  • If you want a simple bassinet that folds up for easy travel, but also want some extra features such as music and a nightlight, this is a good bassinet choice for you. Head over to Amazon to learn more.

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Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Travel Lite Crib

  • I love this playard for how small it is, so you can fit it almost anywhere, bring it camping or take it on vacation.
  • Because it is also a playpen, you can use it for longer than most bassinets, meaning you only need one product from newborn to toddler!


  • JPMA Certified, so you know its safe.
  • Small and compact playard, fits so easily into small spaces!
  • Easy to fold up and pack away for storage or travel.
  • Bring the playard with you on visits, so your baby has somewhere familiar to sleep.
  • Use the first stage as a bassinet for newborns, so you don’t have to bend over as much to pick them up.
  • When baby is bigger, just remove the bassinet portion, and you now have a portable crib!
  • Comes with a removable canopy that suspends a few cute toys, keeping bright lights out of sleeping baby’s eyes and gives your baby something to look at when they wake up.
  • Because this playard can be used from birth to toddler, you won’t have to transition your newborn to a bigger bed, like you would have to do with a bassinet.
  • Comes in three colors so you can pick which one you like best.
  • There are so many positive reviews for all of the various Graco playards, and this one is no exception.
  • Head over to Amazon with the link below and read them for yourself.

Bassinet Weight: 20.6 poundsBassinet Height: 32 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: For stage 1 bassinet use: 15 lbs, for stage 2 bassinet use: 20 lbs, for the playard: no weight limit

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Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet

  • A simple, foldable bassinet that comes with a carrying case for easy travel and storage.
  • I love that this bassinet features a vibration mode, this will help keep your baby asleep at night and during naptime.



  • Mesh sides allow for breathability. If your baby likes to sleep right close to the edge of the bassinet, they will still be able to breathe freely.
  • It is simple to see inside the bassinet from across the room, so you can quickly check on baby while you are busy cooking or cleaning.
  • Easy to take apart, remove the legs and fold it in half. The bassinet fits easily into its storage bag.
  • The storage bag has handles so you can carry it in one hand.
  • Even though it is lightweight and portable, it is still very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about putting baby to sleep in a flimsy bassinet.
  • The mattress doesn’t fold up, it stays flat and doesn’t have a foldable seam through the middle, offering a more comfortable sleep for your baby.
  • Calming vibration is quiet to operate and helps keep your baby asleep, so you can have some time to relax.
  • Washable mattress pad so you can quickly throw it in the washing machine for easy clean-up.

Bassinet Weight: 11.48 poundsBassinet Height: almost 3 feetMaximum Weight Recommendation: 20 Pounds

  • I like the way this bassinet folds up; the mattress is kept flat rather than having a crease through it that folds.
  • Many parents feel that the crease in many foldable bassinets is not comfortable for their baby.

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BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

  • I love how easy it is to travel with this bassinet; you can go to the park, take it to the hockey rink, bring it camping, visit relatives, or simply use it in your home.


  • The steel frame is strong and durable; it locks into place when the bassinet is open, so you don’t have to worry about it folding up while baby is using it.
  • The mesh sides allow your baby to have lots of breathing room, while the ends of the bassinet are not see-through, so your baby still has some privacy.
  • Folds up in seconds and has a built-in handle so you can quickly pick it up and go.
  • You can fit the folded up bassinet in a suitcase, so you can easily bring it with you the next time you fly.
  • Materials are BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, and Lead-Free, so you can rest easy knowing your baby isn’t breathing in toxic air.
  • Dimensions are 22″ x 17″ x 3″ when folded & 29.5″ x 21″ x 12.5″ when opened up.
  • Has a solid backing for proper support.
  • Fits standard bassinet fitted sheets, so you won’t have to hunt around for sheets that fit.
  • Water-resistant mattress included, as well as a fitted sheet.

Bassinet Weight: 2.45 poundsBassinet Height: 10 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 15 pounds

  • The Brica Fold n’ Go is a great bassinet for baby’s first few months.
  • Take it with you on vacation and don’t worry about it taking up a ton of space in your trunk or suitcase.

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Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

  • I love how easy this bassinet is to fold up, and how flat it gets when it is folded.
  • I also like that the mattress stays flat while it is folded so that it won’t crease up.



  • Legs are slightly bent so that you can gently rock this bassinet side to side.
  • There is a little mirror so your baby can admire themselves.
  • The mattress pad is machine washable and dryer safe, so you don’t have to take any extra care cleaning it.
  • The feet can be twisted and locked if you don’t want the bassinet to be in a rocking mode.
  • 31″ long, 27″ high, and 23″ wide, when set up, and 39 1/2″ long/high when folded up for storage. It lays almost entirely flat.
  • Easy to move from room to room.

Bassinet Weight: 7.5 poundsBassinet Height: 27 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 25 pounds

  • Head on over to Amazon to learn more about the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Bassinet.

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Dream on Me Karley Bassinet

  • I love that this bassinet has two canopies so that you can keep bugs and pets away from baby, I also love that it has a storage basket for putting small items.



  • Lightweight so you can carry it easily.
  • The quick folding mechanism makes storage a breeze.
  • Comes in various colors so you can pick one to suit your taste.
  • The assembly is quick and requires no extra tools, remove from the box and snap it together.
  • The mattress has a nice thickness to it, to keep your baby comfortable, while still being safe.
  • The mesh sides are breathable and well-made, there is nowhere for your baby to get a hand or foot stuck.
  • Canopies can be zippered together, to protect baby from cats and bugs.

Bassinet Weight: 14 poundsBassinet Height: 47 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 25 pounds

  • All in all this is a good bassinet, some people have found that the zippers on the canopy are difficult to use,  and there is some confusion over the weight limit (the mattress says 10 pounds, but the bassinet is rated for 25 pounds) but overall people are happy with the Dream on Me Karley Bassinet.

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Lulyboo Baby Lounge To Go

  • I love how simple it is to pick up and pack this bassinet.
  • If you get a call from a friend to come to visit, you can easily fold this soft bassinet up and throw it on your back.



  • Very light. It is so easy to pick up and move.
  • Squishy and soft, makes for a comfortable sleeping space for baby.
  • The cover is machine washable so you can remove it and clean it when you need to.
  • The portability is terrific for when you’re at a playdate and baby wants to nap, or you’re in another room, and you want to have the baby near.
  • The canopy protects baby from bright lights, bring your baby out in the sun without worrying it will be too bright.
  • Soft and roomy, lots of space for baby to grow.
  • Place it on your bed, so your baby is within arms reach.

Bassinet Weight: 2.89 poundsBassinet Height: 16 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: n/a

  • If you are someone who frequently travels, this is an excellent bassinet.
  • It works well in hotel rooms, and you can carry it on your back while you are navigating your destination.
  • There are many positive reviews on Amazon, use the link below to have a look.

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Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet

  • What I love about this bassinet is that the entire fabric can be removed and washed, there are no parts that can’t be cleaned.


  • Comes with a large carrying bag featuring sturdy shoulder-strap handles, so you don’t have to worry about the storage bag breaking.
  • Anti-slip feet keep this bassinet from sliding around.
  • It takes under a minute to snap the legs off and fold up the bassinet.
  • The bassinet has a large sleeping area so if you have a big baby; there is still lots of room for them to grow.
  • Ventilation windows let you easily peek in on baby.
  • Fits well against a bed, so if you want baby in the room with you, they are just an arms reach away.

Bassinet Weight: 18.2 poundsBassinet Height: 27 inchesMaximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds

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  • There you have it, our list of the top foldable bassinets of 2020!
  • Share this list with anyone looking for a foldable bassinet and leave any questions in the comments below so we can answer.

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