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In the first stage, your children prepare for the first step of walking, parents are always worried, anxious and searching for the tools and toys to support them. However, the problem parents always care about is: Is the product good for their children? Is it safe for your baby? Quality as well as a price like?
Today’s walkers are known as a great supportive tool for toddlers and they are like toys that accompany your baby all the way.


There are many different views about the benefits of a walker. Do they support your baby in the first stage of travel? Although there is no conclusive evidence for this, we also make our judgment about these products.
 Previous walking tool
In addition to supporting him to stand upright, help him to maintain balance. Besides, it also works to help children develop leg muscles for motor skills.
 Entertainment value
The walker is like a toy accompanying your baby. Wheels help your baby move around, a large food tray, and lots of fun built into a toddler’s walker.

 Exploration
By using a walker, she can move around her home. However, to ensure the safety of babies, parents should not leave children alone without adult supervision.


Accompanied by the development of walkers are the parents’ concerns about their safety. When the baby is using but lacking supervision, he’ll fall down the stairs or pull something off the counter. But if you care about this product, don’t miss out on the following features:
– There are food trays
– Brake pads to avoid falling downstairs
– Music, sound, and light
– Stationary Feature – to prevent it from moving altogether.
It is just a few features for the walker, depending on the type of walker you choose will have its features. Depending on the choices of parents, there is a car that is suitable for your baby.
Seated Walker vs. Sit-to-Stand Walker
We usually have 2 types of walkers, each with its feature:
– A walker is a good choice to help your baby stand alone.
– Toddlers have toys and food trays.
– Walkers stand cheaper prices.
– Both are foldable and easy to store.


– Rear wheels do not rotate in all walkers, reducing mobility.
– Difficult to adjust on the carpet.
– The sound is so loud that many people are uncomfortable.
– Tips over easily causing baby to go with it.


1. Chicco Baby Activity Walker

Chicco Baby Activity Walker is not a popular tool, but it also has some features that attract the attention of babies. When the music plays, your baby can practice singing along and moving step by step to the music. Arrange toys in the front and holes to place balls and watch them go to the other end.
 Strength
– Easy assembly
– Wheeled
– Lots of sound and light
– Fun and interactive ball game.
 Weakness
– The price is expensive compared to other products
– Too light, unable to support the baby when there is a problem.
Chicco Baby Activity Walker

2. Musical Lion Walker

With the lovely and lively design, your baby will be very interested. When moving the car emits the music and sound of the piano along with the click to create excitement and when your baby moves around the house.
 Strength
– Eye-catching design, music in harmony with the lights
 Weakness
– Difficult to assemble
– Lightweight and not as sturdy as some other types
– There are no brakes
Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker

3. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

Eye-catching design, bright colors. Sounds and melodies resound when your baby starts pushing the car with stray steps. After the walk is complete, your baby can sit down and play the piano, saxophone, guitar, … The light and sound make this product more attractive in the eyes of the baby.
 Strength
– Can adjust the volume
– There are many audio and music options
– Combining walking and music
 Weakness
– Light and without brakes.
Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

4. Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Vtech supports babies to stand up and learn the best and most popular balance. Designed piano with animal sounds, shape sorter holes for understanding shapes, a singing phone, and several other bright attention-grabbers. After she learns and plays, she can stand up and move around the house.
 Strength
– Good walkers; easy assembly
– Can adjust the volume
– 2-speed adjustable wheel
– Lots of sound, light, and learning activity
 Weakness
– The phone is attached and can be lost – it can be over-excited with all noise and color
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

5. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

This is a great design you can compare with Vtech Learning Walker. Toddlers enjoy inspirational games that stimulate their curiosity at the same time. Some interesting features such as rotating ball, flip board, sliding beads, and many attractive colors but not too showy.
 Strength
– The colorful design and many safe operations
– Pre-assembled and ready to operate
 Weakness
– Too light and fast-moving
– No wheels, no music
Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker


1. Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

Your baby will enjoy this product. The design is simple but eye-catching and has a large front tray that can accommodate snacks and toys. Products Joovy Spoon’s most basic design and popularity. Simple and foldable functionality. Models available: Greenie, Blueberry, Char charcoal, Jade, Purplility
 Strength
– Large trays for food and toys
– The product can be easily folded and washed by machine
– The structure is simple and strong
 Weakness
– No music or toys included
– Wheels stand still and do not brake
Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

2. Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Organe

Products are competitive with competitors. Some tweaks include a removable music tray, customizable height settings, protective covers to protect walls and it can be folded for storage. There are currently product lines: Organe, Waterlily, Sea Dreams.
 Strength
– Machine washable
– The tray is removable and easily removable
– Rugged structure

 Weakness
– Size cannot be adjusted
Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Orange

3. Safety 1st Sound ‘n Lights Activity Walker, Surfin Safari

The product is popular and used quite a lot for babies. Designed with 3 levels to adjust adaption to each baby. It has a sound, light, removable tray and a large area for food.
 Strength
– There are many songs, sounds, and lights
– Easy to fold and store.
– Machine washable
 Weakness
– The battery is difficult to replace and the height is not suitable for children too young
Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker, Surfin Safari

4. Safety 1st Sounds’n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

Great product for babies with outstanding features and prices not too high. Children can freely explore the world around them with the product. There are toys with removable dinosaur themes; snack trays and height adjustment settings.
 Strength
– Easy to assemble and easy to move
– Toy tray can rotate and large area.
– Machine washable
– Sound and light attract
 Weakness
– There are no brakes
– Restrictions on design
Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walker with Activity Tray

5. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

Products with relatively good features such as a detachable piano tray, drum, rattle, lights and vivid sound. With 3 different height settings, there are trays for snacks. However, the price is high compared to similar products
 Strength
– Salary, rich music
– Can be folded for storage
– Bright flashing lights design
 Weakness
– The seat is a bit far and leans forward
Joovy Spoon Walker, Red

6. Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker, Branchin’ Out

If your baby loves Disney products, this is a great product. Equipping sound, light attracts, stimulates the baby’s curiosity. There are 3 height settings and a tray for storing food. With the traditional Disney palette, cute pink appeals to girls.
 Strength
– Easy to assemble, the toy swivels away to reveal the pantry.
– Fold-down for easy storage and machine washable.
 Weakness
– The paper decals are easy to fall off
Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker, Branchin’ Out

7. Baby Trend Activity Walker

The product is designed with 3 height settings to adjust. The tray area is spacious and has a toy bar ahead.
 Strength
– Good seat cushion, easy to assemble
– Machine washable
– Removable toy bar
– Large food tray
– The car moves easily
 Weakness
– Not awesome on a rug
– A few worries that a kid’s arm may stall out under toy bar
Baby Trend Trend 2.0 Activity Walker, Blue Sprinkles, Blue

8. Ferrari F1 Baby Walker in Red

The product is designed to be inspired by racing cars that look impressive. One of the most expensive cars among the aforementioned vehicles. 3 adjustable settings, easy to clean and compact tray. Sounds diverse and automatic, stimulating excitement for the baby.
 Strength
– Sleek, good quality
– Easy to assemble
– Realistic and rich sound
 Weakness
– May below for some babies
– Expensive
– Rear-wheel does not rotate.
Combi Ferrari F1 Foldable Baby Walker with Racing Wheels, Steering Wheel, Activity Center and Built In Snack Tray

9. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer

Unique and different design compared to other cars of the same line. It also comes with 3 settings, with a steering wheel controlled. Funny music and sound settings. There are designs to attach more toys to the baby.
 Strength
– Easy assembly, high back seats to support
– Sound and light natural light
 Weakness
– Lack of mobility, do not move well on carpets
– Do not fold when storing; battery compartment opening difficult.
Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer

10. Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

Design your baby car from the idea of cars. With the feature installed 3 modes of height adjustment. The center of the steering wheel comes standard with optional audio, hood and rear visibility that can be easily removed. Design available in colors: pink, black, red, blue.
 Strength
– Many sounds, with horns and lights
– Easy to fold to take away and store
– Easy assembly.
 Weakness
– Prices are high and don’t move well on the carpet.
Combi Baby Activity Walker – All-in-One Mobile Activity Center, Entertainer, and Snack Tray – Bounce, Drive and Play

11. Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker

Disney-inspired design products. Flexible design is detachable with toys that have a snack area. Set the height adjustment mode at 3 levels, adjust the baby seat.
 Strength
– There are lights, lights, rattles to attract babies
– Easy to take apart, store and take away
– Machine washable seats
– Cute toy center
 Weakness
– Not rated well
– The car does not move well on the carpet, the bumpers are slightly lower
Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker

12. Delta Children’s Products Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

Eye-catching design with solid colors and decals. He can explore the world by moving the steering wheel along with other toys. It also has three height adjustment modes and a snack tray.
 Strength
– Can adjust the volume
– There are many sounds and lights
– The rear wheel moves well in all directions.
 Weakness
– Children are too young to be suitable
– Difficult to adjust the height
– Wheels create scratches when moving.
Combi Ferrari F1 Foldable Baby Walker with Racing Wheels, Steering Wheel, Activity Center and Built In Snack Tray

13. Disney Little Racer 2-In-1 Walker, Cars

In the event that your little one cherishes the film, Vehicles, at that point you’ll be a prime fit for the Disney Little Racer. Not exclusively does this walker have a great time topic, it’s likewise intended to be utilized as a sit-to-stand walker. To the extent choices go, it has a removable, vehicle themed action focus with controlling haggle different toys, music and different clamors, 3 flexible tallness positions and even a back view reflect.
 Strength
– Full horn, steering wheel, rattles
– Lights and sounds fun
– Large food trays
– Rubber cushions protect the floor
 Weakness
– May be difficult to “get moving” for some little kids
– Not incredible on floor covering – Not effectively compact
Disney Frozen Happy Hauler 2-in-1 Ride On by Disney

14. Dream On Me Melody Musical Walker, Pink

Design not only creates good mattresses for babies but also affordable. It has 3 height adjustment modes installed. Removable toy tray with a steering wheel, musical parts, and interesting sounds appeals to babies. Available in colors: pink, blue/yellow, blue, red/yellow.

 Strength
– There are music and flashing lights
– Easy to assemble and store
– Machine washable
 Weakness
– The volume is too loud to affect others
– Mobility is not high.
Dream on Me Melody Musical Walker

15. Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red

This walker is slightly larger and has a bigger operating tray. They are removable and colorful, playful. Design 3 height adjustment settings. Available in red, pink and blue.
 Strength
– Easy to the clean, sturdy structure, good cushion
– Toys and sounds interact with each other
– Easy to assemble.
 Weakness
– Loud noise
– Not foldable when traveling
– Moving on the carpet is not good.
Dream On Me – Shuffle Musical Walker, Red


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