🥇 Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet Review

Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet Review

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Elite oval bassinet is oval in shape and has a top cover that flows to the sides’ canopy, providing shades to prevent penetration of harsh light. The espresso wood finish gives a fashion-forward feel to your home. The skirt is a soft canopy bumper, with fitted sheet, ruffled as well as drape canopy.

The bumper of Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding, Canopy, and Storage is stuffed with polyester fill. The item weighs 26.9 pounds in total and can hold a child with weight up to nine pounds. The bassinet is not fitted with batteries to run the toys since they are not installed.

Further, the item when purchased is also accompanied with items such as badger basket ecru round fitted bassinet sheets for round elegance bassinet.

Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding

badger basket elite oval bassinet


  • Has a stylish finishing for the infant and putting it at home.
  • Its interior is fitted with a soft bumper, sheet, as well as the ruffled drape canopy.
  • For safety, the item has been customary provided and a vinyl covered foam mattress pad that is one inch thick.
  • The canopy also shaded in the interior side to protect the infant from the extreme light when resting.
  • The canopy can be adjusted to lower it or lift it
  • The item has a bumper attached to the grip tape and the ribbon ties padded with polyester fill
  • There is storage behind the skirt and beneath the bassinet is meant to store feeding and changing necessities as well as toys.
  • The bedding the infant is lied on is supposedly machine washed.
  • Fabric covers are made up of eighty percent polyester, and twenty percent is pure cotton
  • Polyester/cotton sheets sold separately
  • The item is installed with caster wheels for mobility
  • The complete set of bassinet and bedding include the bed linen or the bed spread
  • The item is imported

  • It is of high quality
  • The bassinet is easy to put together in pieces
  • It is spacious enough to allow the infant’s movements
  • It has an appealing appearance with its ecru color
  • Gives the feel of a royal due to the canopy’s oval shape
  • Ideal to keep in many spaces due to its pettiness
  • Its wheels provide mobility around the house with your baby but recommended not to move it when the child in in it
  • Protects the infant from contact with environmental cues
  • It is easy to clean using cold water and a machine.
  • Require warm ironing
  • The bassinet can be used from three to four months allowing up to nine-kilogram weight of the infant
  • It can enable the child to sit up, roll over push up and sit unassisted irrespective of the activity the child per-takes
  • Most baby- items are not made with steel, but this item is made up of steel but modified with powder coating.


  • Better pad needed
  • It is a bit short
  • Wheels are plastic and don’t run on certain types of carpet
  • Bumper doesn’t stay up
  • The item’s canopy is delicate, thin and lightweight
  • Screws are visible ruining its finish
  • Under the bed, it cannot support a lot of weight
  • Small/non-spacious with nor room for changing the infant’s diaper.
  • It cannot be pushed when the child lies in it.
  • The items left in the stock are just eleven
  • Eighty percent of the item is made up of polyester and only twenty percent made of cotton making it less cozy for the infant
  • The item also lack an organic, flannel as well as cotton circle sheets to be fitted in the bassinet
  • The top portion of the piece gets in the way when you want to change the diapers.
  • Its fabric wrinkles even without being cleaned
  • The fabric has got toxic chemicals, unhealthy for the baby.
  • The bumper of the item does not match with the bars
  • The cheap materials makes the item short lasting


The Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding, Canopy, and Storage is an item most mothers new or old would love to obtain for their young infants to keep them cozy at all times. As a parent, we prefer simple things that would not take up a lot of our time and energy to manage.

Despite the item is not of high quality but can be recommended to over protective mothers to purchase it. It simplifies the work of taking care of the infant always in the arms or far from you in the nursery and you are in the kitchen or living room.

Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet with Bedding, Canopy, and Storage.

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