Best Baby Apps for New Parents

With innovation having seeped into almost all aspects of our life, have you ever considered using your phone to aid you with your mom's responsibilities?

As a brand-new mother, you are probably juggling time in between caring for your baby, taking a tiny bit out on your own, and also attempting to squeeze in some for your duties or workplace work. Of course, it is not feasible to take care of everything yourself, and also often, a little aid can make a big difference!

With innovation having seeped into almost all aspects of our life, have you ever considered using your phone to aid you with your mom's responsibilities? And also, if you own a mobile phone, there are several parenting applications that could you get started!

So we independently looked into, put together a list of 20 Best Baby Apps new Parents. 

Best Baby Apps for New Parents in 2022

1. Peanut

Wishing you had extra moms to talk to and also socialize with? This app has been called the "Tinder for mommies" due to the fact that it connects you to mamas near you, allowing you to swipe each other's accounts.

It likewise released a brand-new neighborhood conversation function called Peanut Pages to ask concerns and crowdsource the minds of various other mommies that have actually existed, as an alternative to Facebook groups as well as various other social platforms.

Source: Peanut website

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Tracking your bump is amazing. However, comparing your bump's development to everyday items is also much better-- which is why Ovia is one of the most-loved applications available for anticipating moms and dads. Possibly you would certainly rather track your baby's growth besides a selection of vegetables? A tiny animal? Parisian bread, probably?

Whatever appeals most, you'll enjoy having something to expect every week.

Readily available for iOS and Android.

Source: Ovia website

3. BabyCentre

For all the expectant mums available, BabyCentre is the best app for all the important tips, devices, lists, and also other features to aid you as well as your partner along the road. Most significantly, all wellness details is approved by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board (so you can relax very easy understanding you're in excellent hands).

" When I was expecting, I actually enjoyed the helpful community and also online forum feature inside the application where you can link as well as chat with various other mums-to-be."-- Quinnie, Momentum group.

Available for iOS and Android.

Source: Babycenter website

4. Maternity +

Pregnancy + is every little thing you'd expect from the name: all things pregnancy-related, plus a lot more. Another best application for expecting mums, Pregnancy + rightfully claims the title as one of the top pregnancy apps worldwide (and also for a great factor). Monitor whatever from weight modifications to physician visits and also get beneficial information about changes week-by-week done in the palm of your hand.

" It was a while earlier now, but my spouse loved the Pregnancy + application, and I likewise delighted in just how they would send me updated weekly about the progression on the infant based on the due date."-- Pece, Momatu team.

Readily available for iPhone and Android.

Best Baby Apps to utilize after the arrival of your baby

5. The Wonder Weeks

Whether you're eager to discover what's next, or trying to find understanding right into why your wonderful angel is suddenly a cranky evil one (could it be a developmental surge?), this infant application has actually got you covered with video clip explanations and also over 500 realities concerning your baby's cognitive advancement. The week-by-week updates are useful, enjoyable to follow as well as notes feature helps you discover at your very own rate

There's very little this application excludes, and it's no surprise that (almost) every one of the Momatu moms and dads detailed this a 'must-download' application. When the tough times, as well as sleep-deprived nights, come into play (thanks to the durations of modification or enhanced fussiness), The Wonder Weeks app permits you to understand much better your infant's mental development; tracked versus leaps and also bounds.

Featuring the full Audiobook of Wonder Weeks, a calendar-sync option to keep tabs on everything, and also a comprehensive journal to follow for you to remember, you won't regret adding this application to your gadget.

" When the baby is experiencing development eruptions or state of mind changes, I use The Wonder Weeks to monitor everything as well as why he acts in different ways."-- Devinda, Momentum group.

Offered for iOS and Android

6. Today's Parent My Family

Life with littles is hectic! Don't worry, you can keep tabs on all of it, and get customized material based upon your kid's age as well as stage, all in one place. Our child app will certainly help you track naps, aid with breastfeeding as well as bottle feeding, and record all the amazing minutes making use of the storybook tool. We additionally have how-to videos on recipes and crafts, and extra!

Source: Internet

7. Feed Safe

If you enjoy a glass of white wine when you're feeding, you could intend to shuffle around your house display to relocate this app to the very first web page. This smart production from the Australian Breastfeeding Association-- developed in an appointment with scientists from Curtin University, Western Australia-- assists you compute the moment up until there is no alcohol in your breastmilk. Just go into when you had your very first beverage, and also the app will certainly let you know when you're good-to-go as well as all set for a feed.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Source: Feed Safe website

8. Glow Baby

All aspects of your infant's care during the very first year is covered in this one child app. Keep track of everything from bottle feeds to rest timetables as well as get useful information regarding starting solids, developing milestones as well as much more. Plus, get personalized parenting suggestions supplied daily.

Source: Apple Store

9. Huckleberry - Huckleberry App homepage screenshot

There's no way we were leaving out Huckleberry from this list. Not only is the layout a reward for the eyes, but Huckleberry likewise aids new parents find their groove when it involves accumulating great sleep routines.

Available for iOS and Android.

Source: HuckleBerry Website

10. Mind the Bump

Smiling Mind, as well as beyondblue, have actually collaborated to develop a mindfulness Meditation tool for both expecting moms and dads as well as brand-new moms and dads. Written by psychologists and also psychoanalysts, this application aids to handle stress, aid with structure links or handle modification.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Source: Mind The Bump website

11. Baby Tracker

There are various other baby tracking apps. But Baby Tracker is in an organization of its own. With simply a few one-handed taps, you can keep track of feedings, rest schedule, nappy adjustments, growth documents, necessary clinical details and also more. Most importantly, it's practically like a main homepage for your baby, however much better.

Other functions worth shouting about consist of making use of Siri for voice prompts and the choice to turn on 'dark mode' to provide your eyes a rest.

" I love exactly how the data from Baby Tracker reveals a fad of my baby's wake time and snooze time so that I can plan visitors and trips. Wizard!"-- Quinnie, Momatu team.

Offered for iOS and also Android.

Source: Apple Store

12. Growth: Baby & Child Charts

Forget leaving a pencil mark on the washing door. With Growth: Baby & Child Charts, you can accurately track your kid's growth, compute specific percentiles as well as guarantee they're expanding at the ideal place. Growth: Baby & Child Charts might not be one of the most appealing apps in the mix, it earns benefit factors for it's user-friendly layout and functionality.

Treatment whatever from the Fenton gestational age graphs for pre-term children with to BMI and weight monitoring for adults, this straightforward yet effective application is a must-download.

Only available for iPhones. 

Source: Apple Store

13. Sleepiest

Making sure you obtain enough rest each night is less complicated stated than done. However, with Sleepiest, it's a win-win to help your baby or yourself try to fall asleep thanks to the choice of bedtime tales or reflections to aid you to take advantage of every opportunity you can catch some zzzs.

" I utilized the app sleepiest in the intent helpful Dustin sleep much better, however, I ended up using it extra for myself. The white noise choices are excellent!"-- Quinnie, Momentum group.

Source: Apple store

14. Momatu App

We conserved the best until last, obviously. Nevertheless, if you're not familiar with who we are or what we're everything about, permit us to describe. With an increasing number of families taking discussions offline (far from social media), Momatu is the location for you to independently share the enjoyment of your family members' journey.

To start, just add your favorite photos and video clips to your infant's timeline and also view it come to life. However, the best part, is you can invite liked ones to watch your timeline, chatting regarding the moments that matter together in one location, even when you're apart. The best part is enjoying your collection of memories expand; producing something to review and also a treasure for years to come.

"I've been contributing to Olivia's timeline given that she was born and also she's currently 22 months old. It's like my little safe of memories that even Olivia enjoys considering. We've needed to prohibit Momatu from her-- she's consumed with it!"-- Aaron, Momatu team.

Available for iPhone and also Android.

Source: Momatu Website

Free Items for Parents

15. Baby Sparks

Did you know that throughout the initial years of life, a kid's mind develops greater than one million new neural links every second? And for that very reason, BabySparks was developed to share expert-created, customized day-to-day play programs.

With a monstrous number of advancement tasks and also milestones that you can track, you'll likewise find handy video clips that cover even more difficult subjects like securely teaching your infant how to roll over.

16. Google Family Link

This app helps to develop healthy digital usage habits amongs family members, especially young kids. By limiting and control the time and content your kids exposed to, the online environment would be safer. This works as a free feature from Google for family. Try it now! 

Source: Google

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