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Sorbus Baby Crib Cradle Review :Is It For You?

Andrea and Maria
  Aug 15, 2022 8:57 AM

Putting an innovative twist on a traditional baby cradle, the Sorbus Baby Crib gives the latest addition to your family a comfortable and soothing place to nap and be at peace.



Putting an innovative twist on a traditional baby cradle, the Sorbus Baby Crib gives the latest addition to your family a comfortable and soothing place to nap and be at peace. With its unique aesthetic that includes a weaved basket design similar to a traditional hammock but with additional safety features, it is a useful and reliable place to let your child rest at the end of a long day.


Sorbus Baby Crib Cradle


sorbus baby crib


  • Combination of a bassinet and cradle
  • Sturdy suspension system
  • Lightweight design
  • Stylish design with macramé netting
  • 22-pound weight capacity
  • Protective pillow and cushioned padding included


  • The idea of a “baby hammock” may be unsettling to some parents, but the Sorbus Baby Crib surely takes the definition to a completely new level. With its stylish convenience, safety, and comfort, your newborn or small toddler will finally have their own place to peacefully catch up on their sleep. There are plenty of advantages to this particular suspending baby crib, including:
  • Works Well with Crib Stands: For parents that are uncomfortable with suspending the crib from the ceiling or high beams, there is the possibility to use the unit with a regular crib stand. All you will need to do is affix the suspension ropes to the stand and your baby will sway at a comfortable height above the ground, similar to a traditional crib or bassinet.
  • Sturdy and Resilient Design: In comparison to traditional adult hammocks that dip underneath once you sit in them, the Sorbus Baby Crib is designed to give your child an ample amount of support while they are lying down. The overall construction gives them the same amount of support they would receive from a traditional crib and mattress.
  • Practical and Versatile: It’s impossible to predict where you’re going to spend most of your time once you welcome a baby into your family. Although you might want to spend all day in their nursery, that might not be practical. With the versatility of the Sorbus Baby Crib you can easily move the bassinet anywhere you desire, which is useful for parents who need to deal with daily chores or that work from home.
  • Easy to Store: Whether you’re traveling or if you’re preparing a room for renovations, this crib will become the easiest piece of furniture to move. Considering it’s constructed using weaved cotton, it’s simple to disassemble and store, only to be reassembled within a few minutes. This also helps to make it the ideal crib and bassinet for parents who enjoy traveling or visiting friends and family on a regular basis.


  • Although there are plenty of advantages you’ll experience while using the Sorbus Baby Crib, such as its durability and versatility, there are still disadvantages to take under advisement. Prior to deciding on any baby bassinet, you must first ensure that it will fit perfectly into your daily lifestyle, for example, this may not be the best crib for families looking for a more traditional crib.

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It’s important to think about these disadvantages to the Sorbus Baby Crib:

Short Suspension Rope Included: When you first take a look at the Sorbus Baby Crib, it may appear that the unit comes with ropes long enough for the bassinet to be suspended by the ceiling, but it does not. Depending on the crib height you’re looking to achieve, you will have to visit your local hardware store to purchase additional rope.

Additional Reinforcements Required: One of the largest disadvantages of this bassinet is that it doesn’t come with the accessories required to hang the unit from the ceiling. You will need to visit your local hardware store, not only to buy rope to extend it from the ceiling at an appropriate height but also to affix the cradle to the rope. However, this does give you the opportunity to customize how you use the bassinet.


Combination of a Bassinet and Cradle: Since the Sorbus Baby Crib can be hung from the ceiling or a cradle stand, it gives parents the ability to sway the weaved basket back and forth, emulating a traditional cradle. Alternatively, you can place your child in the bassinet for a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

Sturdy Suspension System: Designed for babies of up to 22 pounds, the sturdy suspension system will give you the ability to safely suspend the bassinet from a cradle stand. When hanging the unit from the ceiling, be sure to purchase additional reinforcements for additional safety.

Lightweight Design: There’s no need to worry about heavy nuts, bolts, or other pieces of metal as this entire bassinet is constructed out of 100% cotton. This helps to make it lightweight, simple to store, and easy to carry.

Protective Pillow and Cushioned Padding Included: Parents will surely appreciate the protective pillow and cushioned padding that is included with the Sorbus Baby Crib, so you don't have to purchase additional bedding materials.


One of the most interesting things about bassinets is they are unique and can be used for a variety of purposes. This can make it difficult to compare one to the other, as you may prefer the features included in one design to another.

The Sorbus Baby Crib is a phenomenal option for parents that are interested in adding a modern and innovative bassinet to their nursery. It offers a certain organic and natural appeal that you simply wouldn’t experience with a traditional crib or bassinet. It is also incredibly easy to disassemble and reassemble in the event you need to bring it with you on a family trip.

However, the Sorbus Baby Crib may not be the ideal option for families that are interested in a traditional baby crib that offers an ample amount of storage and is designed to stay in place. If you have a secondary bassinet for travel, it would be better to opt for a traditional stationary crib for your baby’s nursery.

sorbus baby crib review


Choosing the right bassinet requires plenty of research and contemplation. Are you looking for a bassinet for your child to sleep in at night? Are you looking to add to a certain décor style to your nursery? Perhaps you want a bassinet readily equipped for travel?

Overall, the product is an adaptable design that can easily fit into any size home and is phenomenal for quick naps throughout the day. Although it might not be the best option in terms of sleeping through the night, it is convenient enough to keep your baby close to you as you do household chores, relax and watch television, or work from home.

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