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 Baby cradle

  • It is essential to choose a crib for your baby to have a deep sleep for babies so it is necessary to have cribs for babies. According to doctors from babies to 1 year old need more and deep sleep to be able to develop the brain, the nervous system is best.
  • In addition to a quiet environment, a comfortable cradle will help your baby sleep well and be much better. However, not all cradles baby sleep well, please refer to how to choose the baby cradle and the following to choose a baby cradle best and most suitable.
  • This is considered the first important criteria when choose to buy cradles or choose to buy toys for babies. For cradles when babies are small, the safety level is more and more concerned, because it can directly affect their health. Just like you need to pay attention to safety first and then to other criteria.
  •  Should choose the type of Baby cradle with a flat net, help the baby lie comfortably and not bend back.
  •  Cribs for babies must be open and spacious. Make sure that the machine does not stand when the baby is lying on its side.
  • Must be absolutely safe. Normally, cradles for babies need to make sure they do not fall out when they lie in the cradle. Should choose a type of Baby cradle with a luxurious design, the color should be chosen with the “cardboard”, and in harmony with the main color of old space you, curtains, furniture … to suit the position you want to place the cradle for your baby.

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  •  You can also choose colors according to your baby’s gender, such as girls often prefer pink or elegant colors suitable for girls.
  • When you want to switch to hand mode (not automatically), there is no need. Complex switching operations.
  • In addition, you need to know the safety to have a card to use the cradle for your baby to be the most secure way.
  • Do not assess the quality of Baby cradle only through the external form. To ensure the best safety for children, you need to check the details such as zippers, metal or plastic hooks, screws not sharp, smoothness of the cradle for babies …
  •  Baby’s crib bottom must be tightened (there should be no big slits), easy to get fingers, toes and stuck between slots.
  • Many parents when buying cradles for babies often call on the very beautiful baby cradles without caring about the quality only interested in the form.
  • This can directly affect the development and safety of children.
  • You should note that the first selection criteria are safety

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