Best Bassinet Stroller: Top Three Picks

Best Bassinet Stroller


  • Parents and carers of infants and toddlers are tired all the time. That is why they choose to go for products that offer them convenience without compromising the comfort and safety of their little ones.
  • One of the products that parents and carers alike need is a quality stroller so they can go outdoors with the kids without much fuss nor inconvenience. If you are looking for the best bassinet stroller, then look no further as this article contains three top picks.

Costzon Baby Stroller 2 in 1 Foldable Infant Buggy Pushchair


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  • The stroller’s frame is made of aluminum and iron pipe while the cover is from breathable and non-toxic Oxford fabric that can protect the child from UV rays and light rains. The cover is removable for more flexibility or options for the users.
  • Users can easily adjust the stroller’s backrest for the comfort of the babies when they either sit, lie down or sleep. The seat has a five-point safety harness as well as an adjustable tilt sleeping pad. Pushing the handles is convenient, too since they can be converted in two ways, so users have the option to face the baby towards them or have them facing away.
  • The five-point safety allows users to harness the baby into protection while inside the stroller. It is equipped with a key, thus allowing users to either tighten or release the harness without any difficulty.
  • There is no need to fear that the stroller might slide on its own if left unattended as the wheels are lockable and can be operated with linked parking brakes by the foot. The handles have cushioned foam grip to avoid growing calluses with constant use.
  • This stroller has a basket underneath where parents can place a variety of things including baby stuff, grocery or handbags.
  • The product also boasts of a three-fold canopy that has a zipper allowing adults to extend it for protection from harsh sun rays or rains. It can also be folded so that the little one can enjoy his or her surrounding easily.
  • This item can fit babies from zero to three years of age who are not taller than 37.8 inches.
  • The stroller comes with an instruction guide.

  • Five-point safety feature
  • Made from quality materials: frame is made from aluminum and iron pipe while canopy is from Oxford fabric
  • Removable cover
  • Cushioned foam grip
  • Underneath basket to hold essentials
  • Adjustable tilt sleeping area
  • Comes with instruction guide


  • Very bulky
  • Hard to fold

Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller

  • The Cynebaby convertible bassinet stroller promises convenience for parents and carers and safety and comfort for the infant. Little ones who are zero to six months old can sleep inside this product while babies seven to 36 months old can sit in this golden carriage after converting the bassinet to a seat position.


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  • The item’s folding size is 39.8 by 23.6 by 17.7 inches and weighs 27.88 kilos. This convertible stroller can hold as much as 50 pounds. Its height can be adjusted from 38.7 to 43.7 inches with the use of the adjustable handlebar.
  • The manufacturer, Cynebaby, promises versatility since this product can act like an infant bassinet carriage or a seat stroller. Parents or carers can adjust the position into a seating one, thus allowing the baby to semi-recline or sit upright. Users also have the options to have the baby either face them or the outdoors.
  • This item’s front wheels have anti-shock springs to ensure that the baby will have a smooth ride or sleep despite being pushed along rough streets. The carrier’s wheels are made of durable rubber that does not puncture easily. This product has a one-foot braking mechanism as well as flexible front wheels with a 360-degree rotation so users can maneuver it easily.
  • The canopy boasts of anti-bacterial fabric and is adjustable, thus giving the users the option to provide more cover for the baby as needed. The stroller has a detachable handrail and can be replaced with a food tray.
  • The frame is made of aluminum alloy that does not rust easily. Plus, there is a wallet bag and shopping basket found at the bottom of the stroller that can be used to carry several items.
  • This product from Cynebaby has the stamp of approval of American ASTM F833 safety standards.
  • Cynebaby has included other items with the stroller such as warm foot cover, stroller food tray, cup holder, baby seat cushion, safe stroller wrist strap, and mosquito net.
  • Furthermore, buyers who are unhappy can ask for a refund as the manufacturer provides 180-day money-back guarantee.

  • Adjustable canopy and handrail
  • Adjustable height
  • ASTM F833 safety standards tested
  • Front wheels have anti-shock springs
  • Foldable
  • Very versatile; can be used as bassinet or stroller
  • 180-day money-back guarantee


  • Bulky
  • Difficult to collapse transport
  • No instruction guide
  • Canopy fabric is very sensitive

Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller

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  • This Cynebaby Newborn baby stroller boasts of versatility, ease of use and durability. It can carry little ones from zero months old to three years old.
  • This stroller has an aluminum alloy frame with a fine luster, which is also rust-proof. It has an adjustable handlebar to suit the needs of users with varying height.
  • Children can be placed in multi-positions such as deeply reclined, semi-reclined and upright. It is also reversible so parents or carers can choose to have the child face them or the road ahead.
  • The wheels are free-inflation and can manage rough roads. The stroller also has swiveling front wheels equipped with suspension springs. The product also boasts of a one-touch parking brake. Plus, a basket is attached at the bottom of the stroller to carry essential baby items as well as shopping bags.
  • Parents or carers need not worry as the product has a five-point safety harness. After all, this stroller has met both the European standards EN1888 and U.S. safety standards ASTM F833-15.
  • Aside from the stroller, the buyer will also get foot cover, cup or cola holder, wrist strap, baby food tray, and mosquito net.
  • Its manufacturer, Cynebaby also promises a three-year warranty and after service.

  • Five-point safety feature
  • Adjustable canopy and handrail
  • Three-year warranty and after service
  • Wheels with anti-shock springs
  • Adjustable for three kinds of position for the baby
  • Foldable


  • Wheels breaks easily
  • Strong chemical smell
  • Hard to fold

The Best Bassinet Stroller: Which to Buy?

  • All three products are highly similar. They are foldable, have adjustable beds, a canopy that can be either adjusted or removed and baskets underneath the stroller. These three products also have some braking mechanism to ensure the safety of the baby.


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  • Virtues are not the only thing that these three strollers have in common as all of them are difficult to fold, making portability of the stroller a challenge.

  • However, the products from Cynebaby, the Convertible Bassinet Stroller, and the Newborn Baby Stroller are better than the Costzon Baby Stroller 2 in 1 Foldable Infant Buggy Pushchair because the manufacturer offers either money-back guarantee or a warranty and have been tested to meet the safety standards.
  • Plus, both products from Cynebaby come with other freebies. If we are talking about the best bassinet stroller for the babies, then any of the two product from this manufacturer would be a good choice.

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