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Best Bike Trailers for Kids in 2021

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What is better than creating family bonding through fun sporty outdoor activities since your kids’ young ages. This is an indispensable part of happy and healthy growth. Bike trailers are so helpful to take your little ones everywhere with you out side.

The article introduces you with top 10 best bike trailers in 2021 for more outdoor time – more happy memories.

Don’t miss the buying guide on how to choose the best trailers for your family in the latter parts as well!

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best bike trailers for kids

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Top 10 Best Bike Trailers for Kids in 2021

Out Top Picks of bike trailer

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Trailer

The Allen Sports Deluxe Steel bike cart for kids is a choice with the lowest price on the list. It gets 4.6/5 stars from me with Amazon’s Choice title from customers report.

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer
  • Lightweight steel construction trailer with durable quick release 16 inch steel wheels
  • Safely and comfortably transports 2 children (up to 100 pounds max payload)
  • Large front and side windows provide a bright, airy cabin for your little rider

Key Features:

  • This is a 2 kids version Allen Sports bike trailers
  • Weight limitation: 100 p0unds/2 kids 
  • Including: trailer and the attachment part
  • Safety features: padded 5 point harness
  • Sport type: cycling – trailer for bikes only
  • Large front and side window

The safety aspects of this is padded 5 point harness, reflective part on the back, and the safety flag. This combination give more noticable outlook for visibility.

The large front and side window of Allen Sports is a special part of this one because it offer a wide range view for your kids on the journey.

For your conveniece, the small pockets on the back could be used to store bottle of waters or stuff.


  • Compact design
  • Wide windown view
  • Shield cover
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fold


  • No suspension

2. Schwinn Joyrider, Echo, and Trailblazer bike cart

With 4.8/5 stars ratings from my list, the product could be on your list based on the customers’ reviews.

Schwinn Echo Child Bike Trailer, Double Baby Carrier, Canopy, 20-inch Wheels, Yellow
  • Tow behind style bike trailer, universal bike coupler will fit most bicycle rear wheels, 5-point rider harnesses with shoulder patches, safety flag for extra visibility
  • Two-in-one canopy, bug screen and weather shield options, rear ventilation window, two riders and room for 12 pounds of additional gear in rear area
  • 20 inch alloy spoked wheels with air filled/pneumatic tires for performance and style, large side windows

Key Features:

  • This is a 2 seats version 
  • Weight limitation: 80 p0unds/2 seats
  • Including: bike trailers and the attachment part
  • Safety features: 5 point harness with shoulder patches
  • Sport type: cycling only
  • Safety flag for extra visibility
  • Weather shield ans rear ventilation window

The Schwinn Echo trailers offer interior space for 2 passengers with the total maximum weight is 80 pounds. For your children comfort and safety, the 5-point rider harnesses with shoulder patches is included. A safety flag would enhance the visibility as well.

Weather shield and bug screen of the This helps to expend the trip time and let your kids journey more of the natural environment for their first years in life. 


  • Easy folding - assembly
  • Ventilation system
  • Shield is available


  • Trailer for bikes only
  • Weight maximum is not less than other options
  • Have odor when it is delivered
  • No shock resistance

3. Burley Design Bee Kids Bike-Only Trailer

Burley Bee is a bike-only trailer which works well as a tag along bike trailer for parents who love to take their children on a drive as an outdoor activities. With the simple basic functions, this one is a great option to consider if you need to keep things under budget.

Key Features:

  • This is a double child trailer
  • Weight limitation: 100 pounds/2 seats
  • Including: only bike trailer and the attachment part
  • Safety features: 5 point harness
  • Sport type: biking only
  • Reflective piping and reflectors on the wheels
  • Reflectors on the front and back
  • A neon Orange safety flag

First thing parents care is always how to enjoy time in the safest way. Therefore, visibility is on top priority when going on a bike trip. The reflectors are used to enhance the visibility and safety in this case. There are 3 spots that the reflecrivce parts is installed: front, back and on the wheels of this bike trailer.

In order to eleminate the chance of your children being injured by the shocks on the ride, the hammock seat is used. A hammock style seat means your child is not sitting on the floor of the trailer. Burley Bee trailer’s standard helmet pocket and five point harness system are key features of the seat on the Minnow.

Besides that, for your convenient and portability, the cargo space and folding option is there for you when using this bike trailer. You can extend and make full use of the space inside when needed and fold it tidily for transport with ease.


  • Compact folding
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to attach
  • Safe usage


  • Bike-only trailer without other sport options
  • No shock absorbtion

4. WIKE Premium 2-seat Trailers

This is a good choice for baby bike trailer in the middle-end price range – WIKE Premium Double Child Trailers. They combine the biking, strolling, and jogging into one set to give you more choice for daily outdoor activities.

WIKE Premium Double 3 in 1 Bicycle Trailer + Strolling + Jogging - Orange/Gray, Orange/Grey
  • Lightest in weight among all other convertibles, at 24lbs
  • Quickly converting your trailer to a stroller or jogger can be done in a matter of seconds, as well as folding the trailer flat for storage purposes
  • Two helmet relief cushions for the safety of the child's neck, which will support and protect them from any sudden stops

Key Features:

  • This is a 2 seats.
  • Weight limitation: 100 pounds
  • Including: biking, strolling, and jogging.
  • Safety features: Two padded safety harness
  • Three capabilities: biking, strolling, and jogging.
  • HeightRight adjustable handlebar for easy strolling
  • Two helmet relief cushions for the safety of the child’s neck, which will support and protect them from any sudden stops

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance at Wike, and we took every measure into account when designing this Premium version. The bicycle trailer, stroller, and jogger comfortably seats two children, is a smooth ride for the passengers, and has more safety points than we can count.

To create a child trailer that have spacious interior wide slim and compact folding, the brand has finally come up with this model. The trailer has 30% more interior volume to make it extra comfortable for your child. While the trailer folds down instantly and so slim, that you can even fit it in a subcompact vehicle.

A strong point of the WIKE bike cart compared to other brand’s is the jogger option included in the price. The trailers can be converted to a jogger easily and super quick. The jogger is good for snow, sand, or rough terrain.


  • Easy to attach and switch between modes
  • Jogger option is included
  • Easy to fold


  • No weather shield

5. Thule Chariot Cheetah XT Multisport trailer 

Thule is one of the affordable option of single for bikes cart but the quality is ensured. The users give this a lot of possitive reviews.

Thule Chariot Cheetah XT 2
  • Lightweight carrier makes for easier use
  • Aerodynamic design enhances multi-sport capabilities
  • HeightRight adjustable handlebar for parent's comfort

Key Features:

  • This one is a single child trailer
  • Size: 75 pounds
  • Including: cycling trailers kit and strolling kit
  • Safety features: 5 point harness
  • Multi-sport capabilities: biking, strolling, jogging and cross-country skiing.
  • HeightRight adjustable handlebar for parent’s comfort
  • Refreshed design with blue touchpoints for intuitive operation

In order to raise the visibility of the single child trailer to enhance safety, reflective material is used for this single child bike trailer. The reflective material plus additional front and rear reflectors made the product stands out.

Not only kids but parents’ comfort is also noticed by the brand. The brand provides adjustable handlebars to adjust to the right height that suit everyone.

The window ventilation is a must-have feature to keep your baby breathable on the journey no matter if they are awake or asleep.


  • Combo of the trailer with jogging kit is available with affordable price.
  • Lightweight
  • Simple design with single seat
  • Solid structure


  • Folding task is quite tricky to some users
  • Jogging and skiing kits is not included

Please find econimical deals for this single child trailer accessories:

6. Burley Encore X – Trailer for Mid-end Budget

If you are looking for affordable trailers for bikes, this Thule is one with good value money that we would recommend. You can check our more information below, we believe this could be your favorite child bike trailer! 

Burley Encore X, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller
  • Included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box
  • Suspension keeps kids comfortable by softening bumps and jostles
  • 20” push button wheels are quick and easy to install and remove

Key Features:

  • Version for two kids are available.
  • Weight limitation: 100 pound for 2 seats
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Including: 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box
  • Safety features: 5 point harness;
  • Design for multi-sport: optional conversions for sand and gravel riding, jogging, or skiing
  • Rear window ventilation
  • Sunshade protects passengers from harmful UV rays

Sport models provide the versatility and comfort to keep adults active and kids happy. With the removable standard seat pad, you would find it easy to take out for cleaning.

To enhance the comfort and smooth ride for your children, the bike cart for kids suspension allows for smooth rides in varied conditions and terrains.

The Encore X for kids provide ample cargo space. When not transporting children, seat buckles may be released and the full interior may be used to carry cargo.


  • UV sunshade is included
  • Breathable ventilation
  • Easy to set up


  • Does not include premium seat pad
  • Jogger and skiing kit for the trailers are sold seperately.
  • Non-adjusting suspension system

7. Burley D’Lite 1 and 2 Seat Bike Trailers

This is an simple option (see below) with an affordable price. This product bring you 2 options for seat type: double or single child trailer. With 4.4/5 stars from my trial, it is not hard to see why this one is often out-of-stock.

Burley Design D'Lite 1 and 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller with Seat Recline and Suspension, Old School Blue
  • 3-position recline easily adjusts to optimize passenger comfort
  • Quick Receivers deliver easy installation or removal of the tow bar and conversion kits when it’s time for a different adventure
  • Included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box

Key Features:

  • Version for single or double seat for one or two kids.
  • Size: 100 pound for 2 seats 
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Including: 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box
  • Safety: 5 point harness;
  • Design for multi-sport: for sand and gravel riding, jogging, or skiing
  • 3-position reclining seats back
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Water-resistant fabric with built-in ventilation
  • Removable Premium Seat Pads include a headrest
  • Skid Guard with integrated reflectors protects the trailer

To create comfortable seat for your kids, Premium Seat Pads is included in this child trailer with a headrest and are removable for easy cleaning. This trailers part is helpful in keeping your little sleepy baby in a supported position. An adjustable suspension optimizes comfort for a smooth bike ride.

This offer maximum seating customization with 3-positions of adjustment. Note that, this function of trailer does not come with independent reclining. If this is important to you, please continue to see more version below.

The full-length UV windows protect from strong sunshine and raining. Moreover, there is storage space behind the seat for essential stuffs at campgrounds. This create the top best baby bike trailer. 


  • Shield is available to prevent dust, sunshine, or bacteria
  • Breathable ventilation
  • Easy to set up


  • Jogger and skiing kit for the trailers are sold seperately.

8. Hamax Outback Reclining Multi-Sport Trailer – 2020 Model

Hamax Outback is the best child bike trailer on the list for high quality at the high-end range. This gets 4.8/5 stars from me. The trailers come with 2 version for 1 seat and 2 seats. Another other child trailer with options for double or single child bike trailer. 

Hamax Outback One Seat Reclining Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller (Jogger Wheel Sold Separately) (Navy/White)
  • The ultimate multi-sport bike trailer + stroller designed for every family adventure. Bike and stroller kits included. Expand your adventures with optional ski and jogger conversion kits (sold separately). *Also offered in a two-seater model.
  • All-terrain suspension is easily adjustable for a smooth ride no matter where you roam – no tools required. Aerodynamic design delivers unmatched stability.
  • Premium reclining seats offer 3 recline positions, contoured padding, and adjustable headrests. Fabrics are removeable for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Version: 1-seat and 2-seat 
  • Weight limitation: for the single seat – 75 pounds and for the 2 seater – 88 pounds
  • Frame material: 100% Aluminium
  • Including: bike kit, strolling kit, & flag
  • Safety features: 5 point harness; Parking brake; Reflectors & reflective material for max visibility.
  • Design for multi-sport: Child trailer, stroller, and jogger in one with easy, 1-click transition
  • 3-position reclining seats back
  • Water-resistant fabric with built-in ventilation

The color-coded safety point is there to ensure the quick and ease when you switch between kits trailers. The kits are design to be compatible with both quick-release and standard bike wheels for hassle free installation.

Both you and your little ones would feel the smooth and comfort on the bike drive thanks to the adjustable suspension from the single-seat trailer. Together with that push bar is height-adjustable in one swift movement for comfortable hand placement when you’re out and about.

Single seat bike cart deliveries water-resistant fabric texture built-in ventilation and includes sunshade, bug screen, and rain cover with storage pocket.

A plus point of trailers is their XL-size cabin. With generous foot room, rubber mats for easy cleaning, and a substantial cargo space, the storage offers ample storage for supplies or interchangeable kits in an easy-to-access way.

Your kids would be happy with the paronamic view on the ride with the window.


  • Super sturdy
  • Spacious interior and storage space
  • Easy switching between kits
  • Seats reclining works well
  • Breathable venting system


  • Quite heavy

The child trailer jogger/skiing kits and Rain Cover Outback are sold seperatedly

  1. Trailer Jogger kit
  2. Skiing kit
  3. Rain Cover Outback

9. Burley D’Lite X – double seat bike Trailer

On the range for high end, the trailers stoller is a should-not-miss option. This receives high ratings from me of 4.5/5 stars and Amazon’s Choice on the site, which proves the reliability of it. This is the best trailer for high-end range. 

Burley D'Lite X, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller
  • Independent recline offers maximum seating customization with 3-positions of adjustment for both passengers
  • Quick Receivers deliver easy installation or removal of the tow bar and conversion kits when it's time for a different adventure
  • Adjustable suspension dials in the smoothest ride for all conditions and terrains

Key Features:

  • Weight limitation: 100 pound for 2 seats
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Including: two seats; Kit enhances for strolly use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box
  • Safety: 5 point harness
  • 5-Position, Adjustable Suspension bike trailers
  • 3-Position reclining seats; Independent Recline (This is a plus point compared to the version on previous option in the list.).
  • Design: for sand and gravel riding, jogging, or skiing
  • Premium 20” wheels offer a wider, more aggressive tread with modern reflective taping
  • Skid Guard with integrated reflectors protects the trailer

To create comfortable seat, Premium Seat Pads is included in this with a headrest and are removable for easy cleaning. This part is helpful in keeping your little sleepy passengers in a supported position. An adjustable suspension optimizes comfort for a smooth ride.

The trailer for bikes offers maximum seating customization with 3-positions of adjustment and adjustable suspension dials for the smoothest ride at all conditions and terrains.

Nothing is better than let your children enjoy the panoramic viewing, full-length UV windows protect baby from strong sunshine and raining. Moreover, there is plenty of storage space behind the seat for essential stuffs at campgrounds.

The luxurious version trailer is built to last for a long time.


  • Multi-compatible sport design
  • 2 seats trailer for bikes
  • Work well multi-sport
  • Light but stable and sturdy


  • Handle was to tight to latch into place
  • Jogger and skiing kit for the trailers are sold seperately.

Please check for information about accessories here:

  1. Jogger kit
  2. Skiing kit

10. Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller 

Most of the feedback from users state that this trailer is expensive for a reason – their high quality of high end (maybe a bit “higher end”) product. If you are looking for a durable one that gives your kids chances to join in family sport activities since their young ages, this bike cart is definitely for you!

With 4.7/5 stars and Amazon’s Choice title, this trailer – bike would be a part of your baby gear that lasts long time.

Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller, blue, 2 child
  • An all-in one stroller, jogger, bike trailer and ski pulk designed for active families
  • Includes strolling and biking kits (jogging and ski kits sold separately)
  • Compact fold makes it easy to transport and store

Key Features:

  • Weight maximum: 100 pounds for two seats
  • Including: strolling and biking kits
  • Safety features: Rear light for added visibility, 5 point harness
  • Design: An all-in-1 design – stroller, jogger, cycling bike trailer and ski pulk;
  • Compact fold makes it easy to transport and store;
  • Adjustable suspension ensures a smooth ride
  • Comfortable padded seats are easy to remove and clean
  • XL cargo space can be stored away to increase kick stride while jogging

The company has carried out researches on family and parents demands on fun activities and it turns out that the more things your child join parents at the young ages, the more cohesion and sharing the family gain. This is flexible to change from strolling to jogger, bike trailer and skiing options for all year round.

Moreover, the Thule trailer is super easy to fold and take away in case you need to transport it. The independent reclining seats is design for you to be able to use by one hand for more convenient. To enhance the comfy of not only you but also your baby, leaf spring suspension is installed to act as shock absorbsion.

In order to keep your little one stay safe inside the trailer, the rear light is added on the back. Easily adjustable ventilation vents optimize air flow and climate control and removable clips increase ventilation when used with rain cover

Last but not least, the removable padded seats of Thule trailer are there for easy cleaning. This is the top choice for kids in the high-end range!


  • Compact, foldable design for portability
  • Long-lasting
  • Multi sport activities
  • Spacious for two children


  • Jogging and ski kits are sold separately.


Please find more information about the kits here:

  1. Jogging kit
  2. Skiing kit

How do I choose best kids bike trailer ?

In order for you to find it easier to choose the best trailers for your little ones, please take a look at the checklist below for features that you should know about trailer for bikes.

1. Budget

It is best to set the budget in advance for a “not-so-essential” one – something your little passenger cannot live without. The trailer is a should-have gear in the baby gear for your little one to grow happily and build up the family ponding through sport activities.

The price range of bike cart for kids on the market recently is from $100 to over $1,000. One thing that shows very clean is the quality and performance of a trailer is better as the price increases. Top quality brands include Hamax, Thule, Burley, and WIKE.

The low-end child trailer is often bike-only trailers which means the other modes are not compatiple at all. Besides that, the shock absorbsion and seat quality may not be so good if you would love to use it for long time or for your next baby as well.

Middle-end to luxury trailers performance would satisfy you with a variety of activities. They tend to last longer and create more comfortable time.

2. Bike cart for Kids type


This is the original type of trailer – without any other modes than the bike trailer itself. Based on the price from $100 to $400, you also find a variety of quality level for your preferences. This is perfect for families who only need the trailer mode and don’t want to spend for not-useful fuctions. 


This type of bike cart for kids allows you to take your baby on a bike ride or pull your baby for strolling. The models on the market often come with the stolling kit  when you choose this type. However, you may want to check if there is safety features such as padded seats, suspension, recline.


This is a perfect type for sporty out-going family style, who love to take the children out for most of the outdoor activities. The common compatiple modes are cycling, strolling, jogging, and skiing.

With a wide range of activities like this, the trailers often intergrate high safety protection with suspension and harness seats.

When consider the multi-sport, remember to check for conversion kits included in the price. In most of the cases, the jogging and skiing are sold seperatedly as an upgrade accessories.

3. Weight capacity

Every brand states the weight capacity really clear on the information as it is one of the priority thing to check. Most model weight limit is from 75 pounds to 100 pounds.

Check if the weight maximum from the brand information is for babies or babies + cargo storage as well.

4. Seat types of bicycle trailer

√.Hammock-Style Seats

The brand use a thick piece of fabric between the sides of the trailer to stretch and create the seats. . These seats have minimal support and sag. Because the center of the hammock is the deepest area, the kids would be slipping to the mid point – which is certainly not the most comfortable.

√.Bench-Style Seats

The bench style seats improve the weakness of the hammock style by padded bench that prevents sagging. Your kids spend more comfortable time inside with the better postion and more leg room.

Besides that, parents would find it easier to load and unload small passenger thanks to the supporting seat.

5. Trailers and wheels size of tag along bike trailer

There are 2 sizes for trailers wheel: 16-inch and 20-inch.

We recommend you to prioritize the 20-inch as it often comes with better materials to absorb bumps from the rugged surface and last longer as well. Moreover, the 20-inch also allows a bit of higher riding speed, at about 15 mph, compared to 10 mph of 16 inches.

6. Good shield cover and ventilation

√.Plastic Rain Covers

Keep your kids dry and warm in case of the rain while they still can see through the cover. In the case of dust or bacteria, this cover can cover most of the harmful small or tiny things.


To keep the glaring sun out of a child’s eyes, normally, high-end trailers come with sunshades. The children cannot see outside when you put this down.

√.Side Window

Some models ofter the design with the side window that can be open or make from breathable materials.

8. Safety features

Beside the types of seat above, shock absorbsion is another important safety feature. The best baby bike trailer is always the one with qualified safety functions. 

If you often choose the flat and smooth pavement only, this may not be really a must-have. But for rugged road for more adventurous journey, this system is super helpful to tell the difference between comfortable experience and a “never ever do it again”.

For the low-end one, this feature is not included.

9. Extra storage of the trailer

This is a side feature that you may need. They can be a cargo storage with cover, or just some pockets for things. Depending on your demand, check if the trailer storage is available before buying.

FAQs for child bike trailer

Q: What Age Can a kid go in bike trailer?

A: Between the age of 12 to 18 months old, they could go in bike trailers. This is the perfect time for little passenger to get used to and learn about the family tradition and bonding. 

Q: Are bike trailers hard to pull?

A: Bike trailers would slow you down a bit as it is heavy and a bit cumbersome. However, the brands come up with many models and new designs every year to ensure the best time. Don’t forget to choose the top choices on your budget!

Q: What is the best bicycle trailer?

A: I suggest you go through you list with your own preferences (budget, number of seats, and favorite sports)

1. Best trailer on budget: Schwinn Joyrider Bike Trailer

2. Best for high-end: Thule Chariot Cross Sport

3. Best for 2-seat trailer: Burley D’Lite X, 2 Seat Kids

Q: Are bike trailers safer than bike seats?

A: In general, it is much safer for your baby as they sit inside a protecting vehicle. On the other hand, the 3-feet high bike seat is a bit risky as your baby may fall down. 

Q: Can you ride bike during pregnancy?

A: Yes it is. Actually, it is fine to cycle during pregnancy. During the first and second trimesters, this could be a great way to do exercise. 

To sum up!

The article has provided you with all information from the basic to the most detailed on how to choose the best bike trailer for your kids. The choice is on your hand to make your own decision as each family has different lifestyle and activities.

Saddle up, hit the road, go on a ride, and explore in comfort!

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