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Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet Review

Remi Adedeji
  Aug 15, 2022 8:56 AM

Best dreambur designer hanging bassinet review. Even if you are not a parent who’s always on the go, having a bassinet at hand will make it easy for you to take your newborn from different places.


Even if you are not a parent who’s always on the go, having a bassinet at hand will make it easy for you to take your newborn from different places. Just being in the house, there are many times that a big wooden crib simply isn’t enough. You have to make sure that you have eyes on your infant at all times during their first few days and months. This makes having a cradle essential in raising a child.

You can place the product anywhere in your house and tend to your child whenever they cry or feel hungry. You have the option to cuddle them whenever you want to without having to go to the next room. You also don’t have to rely on electronic devices just to know how and what your child is doing because they’ll always be with you.

Parents have a lot of options when it comes to cradle. There are many types to choose from. Within those, you also have to choose the features, storage space, shape, and size. As a parent, you’d have to figure out what will benefit you and your child the most.


If you want to be able to take your child to different areas in your home but don’t have ground space, then you should consider getting a hanging cradle. They provide you with the ability to hook the straps on your shoulders or on something that you’ve installed on the ceiling. This will make it easy for you to tend to your child without having to bend down, move the canopy and pick them up.

One of the best hanging cradle out on the market right now is the Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet. For your young one, it will provide them with a lot of space and breathing room to stretch their limbs once they start to become a lot more mobile. For you, you’ll be able to hang it anywhere around the house.

You can freely move it anytime even if your baby is in it thanks to the frame’s lightweight build. Your child’s sleeping and napping sessions are going to be more manageable thanks to the comfort that this product provides.

Dreambur Bassinet

For a more detailed overview of this hanging bassinet, read the rest of the review below.


There are four large windows on this product. You can place accessories within these areas or just let your baby breathe through them and move about. They’re incredibly safe so you don’t have to worry about your young one slipping through or over.

The foam of the mattress is encased inside a dual-layer cover. It also has a memory feature so certain areas of the pad where your baby always sits or lays down always feel comfortable. This is great for babies learning how to become more mobile to figure out where their favorite spot is.

Dreambur’s Dupont Active Layer protects your child from dust mites and allergens. This ensures that they’re not harmed or irritated all throughout their sleep.

Dreambur Bassinet


  • This cradle comes with an open weave canopy that can easily be washed. You are also provided with ceiling-hanging hardware that can be installed anywhere in your house. If you’re thinking of installing more of it around your house, there are generic ones in many child care essentials shops that serve the same purpose.
  • Newborns up to six months of age have a lot of areas to move about. They’ll feel comfortable with the soft cushion and the free space provided above them.
  • There’s a soothing sensation when it is rocked softly. This gives your little one the feeling of being cuddled as they fall asleep.
  • The canopy that comes with this hanging item is see-through so you’re always able to keep an eye on your young one. This also means that you don’t have to worry even if you place the hanging close to a window since the veil will protect your baby from the sunlight.
  • Though the design weighs 21.5 lbs., it’s easy to carry around if you use the strap and carry it on your shoulders. You can even do this with your child inside. This allows you to move them from room to room where you have ceiling hardware installed.


  • The circular opening that you need to maneuver the strap through for the ceiling installation might be too narrow.
  • This makes it tough to install the first time.

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For its price, this hanging product by Dreambur definitely stands out from the rest.

It has the same features that you’d expect from its type but guarantees you a sturdy build and soft padding.

You won’t have any issues with this product at all.

Your growing child will be safe and sound every time that they fall asleep in it.

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