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Nod-A-Way-Bassinet Review

Remi Adedeji
  Aug 15, 2022 9:11 AM

Nod a way bassinet review. A baby bassinet is a baby carrier that has a cover-up on one end, and it is mostly used when the baby is a few months old.


A baby bassinet is a baby carrier that has a cover-up on one end, and it is mostly used when the baby is a few months old. It is because a bassinet is small compared to a crib, so one can have a bassinet when the baby is an infant and after it has grown a bit one can transfer it to a crib.

The bassinet may contain extra bed linen for example blankets and sheets to offer more comfort for the baby rather than stay in a crib with no additional bedding.

In the past, they were in the form of baskets lined with soft clothing to wrap around the baby, but with time they have been modified to incorporate more features such as wheels, soft music, dolls, and toys. ThisSafety 1st Nod-A-Way Bassinet, Black Tie is a product of Safety 1st company. It has the following dimensions; 32.8” in length, 18.9” in height, 5.3” in width


Safety 1st Nod-A-Way Bassinet, Black Tie


This bassinet has a storage area that is not visible since it is hidden beneath the skirt that goes around the bassinet. It is used to put things that one needs to be close by for the baby for example one can store baby wipes, baby oil, etc.

The nod-a-way bassinet has a networked side that gives the parent a good view of the baby as he/she is going on with their work.

The bassinet has a pacifying technology that detects the baby’s sounds and in return activates vibrations or songs to soothe the baby back to sleep. One has a choice of what to use to soothe the baby.

It has a sheet that can be removed and washed when one desires.

It has toys that are appropriate for the size, safety, and age-appropriate that are within the baby’s reach to play with.

It has a black-tie on one end making it cute.


  • Some reviewers liked the ease of use, in this case, it was moderately easy to put together.
  • The bassinet has a good appearance. The white and gray color of the bassinet makes it appealing.
  • The bassinet is portable because it weighs 15.9 pounds
  • The bassinet takes up a small room making it suitable for a person who has limited space in his/her house
  • The network was a feature that was loved because it offers a chance for one to check on the baby from a distance.
  • The shelf of the bassinet is convenient for storing baby items in proximity.
  • The bassinet’s sounds, light, and vibrations are perfect for they offer to calm environment factors to the baby.
  • It has a good expanse room. It is attested by a review by one of the buyers who said it had more space than she had anticipated.
  • The price is affordable to many customers.


  • The skirt is not removable, and this can result in some displeasure to a person who would like to remove it either to clean or even air it.
  • The finishing makes the bassinet look cheap.
  • The mattress is slim, after a few sleeps in the bassinet the baby would get uncomfortable and cause a fuss.
  • The skirt is wrinkled and requires some laundry procedure to remove the creases.
  • The control panel was difficult to attach
  • Too much of the music and vibration can become annoying to the infant and thus may require advancement often.

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Final Thought

I would buy Safety 1st Nod-A-Way Bassinet, Black Tie for it is efficient and it is of high quality. It has fitted electronic toys that are impressive by detecting the infant's motions and activating soothing music as well as vibrations leading the baby back to sleep.

The ability to accommodate the baby necessities due to enough storage. The safety of the infant has been prioritized with enough space for changing the baby’s diaper, and the child can move freely within the bassinet.

The meshed sheet allows the contemporary mother or a babysitter to view the infant without approaching the item closely. It does not require much of the mother’s checking-in time over the child, and the child can be left with an elderly provided all the requirements are fitted in the item storage.

Finally, Amazon offers an affordable price with free shipping across the globe.

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