🥇 Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag Review

Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag Review

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Being a 21st-century parent is a great thing. There are plenty of tips on how to raise a child, great books full of insightful experiences, and plenty of accessories that make being a parent more comfortable. Since jobs are so demanding, parents are now more active than ever, and keeping up with an active lifestyle while caring for a newborn is quite a challenge. On this note, there are plenty of useful items which can make the parents’ lives easier.

“Portable” seems to be an industry favorite when it comes to revamped products. Because everything is now shrinking in size, manufacturers have applied these mobile concepts to traditionally-immobile products. Cradles, for instance, are now very easily swappable with bassinets, parents being able to bring a comfortable and safe haven for their toddlers wherever they go.

“Bang for the buck” is a term that will perfectly describe the versatility and value of the product that is about to be presented. See, being portable and having a lot of extra features really brings up the value of an item, especially true when it comes to bassinets, products that have very short life spans and are, by nature, a poor investment.

Since fresh parents don’t have the time to be acquainted with all of the manufacturers on the baby product market, some background on the company might be in order. Cashay Baby is a baby product manufacturer, producing a wide range of items, from baby stroller organizers to chest carriers. Their experience in the industry is vast, adding value and reliability to their products.

The Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag is a Baby Nap Mat / Baby Bassinet Portable, Diaper Changing Station, and offers Travel Accessories for Baby including a Mosquito Net Protection System  is a very great choice of product for new parents. It provides a lot of versatility for a single product, which is a great thing for a product that has a very limited life span and usability.

Best Diaper Bag, Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack with Foldable Bed, Portable Sleeping Mummy Bag for Newborn Essentials Must Haves Organizer with Stroller Hook,Large Capacity Waterproof Travel Bags for Mom Dad
  • 👶【All in One】【Auto foldable Diaper Backpack】This stylish mommy bag with magnet to make you fold it easy. Just expand the baby bag it will auto assemble to a portable baby bed. It could provide a safe and hygienic space, allowing you to change diapers at any time or let your baby lie down and rest. When not making a baby bed, it is also a fashionable backpack and handbag.
  • 👶【Large Capacity & Multi-pocket 】Size:15.8*11.7in. 53L large capacity & wide open diaper bag backpack with 16 independent pockets, with scientific partition, will carry more newborn essentials things, like milk bottles, clothes, hats, towels blanket, sunscreen, underwear and diapers etc. 3 Insulated aluminum foil pockets hold 4-8 oz baby bottles and keep 3-5 hour warm (fits major baby bottle brands). You don’t have to worry about your baby getting cold milk.
  • 👶【Versatile Basic Function & Easy Carry On Stroller】The baby diaper bags for baby boy girl meet all new parents basic function, comes with stroller straps. Breathable padded straps and back pad will relieve aches and pains. Two fences also provide safety protection.
  • 👶【Waterproof & Durable Fabric】Made of durable and waterproof 900D oxford fabric (Stronger than twill polyester baby bag, Better in Deform Resistance & Tear Resistance). Non-fraying stitching, and strong zippers. Reinforced seams in shoulder straps and handle. Meanwhile, backpack diaper bag will hold lots of baby stuff items without tear, which allow using this baby diaper bag backpack from birth through the toddler years, and maybe preschool days, also could hold laptops after parent day.
  • 🎀【Perfect Gift Ideas for New Parents】Ideal for use as a baby diaper bag, mother's backpack, nurse bag, newborn recliner, outdoor cradle. Unisex color will allow dad and mom to use. Perfect Gift Ideas/shower gifts for baby, It is newborn Essentials must haves for New Mom/Parents /Pregnancy. The HOTBEST diaper bag comes with 24/7 Email Customer Service.


  • Works as diaper bag, portable diaper changing station, and bassinet
  • Comes with mosquito and fly protection, which can be installed separately over the product
  • Comes with a center arch which can be used to mount a mobile or toy
  • Comes with straps and buckles to allow you to carry the product over the shoulder or attach to a stroller

  • Stylish
  • Multipurpose accessory
  • Great as a mobile crib or diaper changing station
  • Fits a lot of extra baby care items, including diapers, water bottles or baby bottles
  • Comes with a mosquito-protective net


  • A bit on the heavier side

Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 Designer Diaper Bag – Travel Bassinet

Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 Designer Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet, Change Station, Portable Crib, Bed, Cot with Bonus Stroller Straps. Includes Insulated Pockets and Bottleholders!
  • 3 in 1 Diaper Bag! Diaper Bag, Bassinet and Change Station! Super easy to use! Converts to a bassinet in seconds!
  • Coverts to a bassinet/crib in seconds, soft padded liner gives your baby a very comfortable place to rest while on the go!
  • Polyester shell, with cotton lining pad for the bassinet! Easy to clean and comfortable for your baby!
  • 2 insulated bottle holders, and 5 zipper pockets to hold all your baby necessities!
  • Stroller strap, and shoulder strap! Carry your diaper bag easily on the go, or attach it to your stroller!

The way the Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag makes it a very versatile tool. Both a bassinet and a diaper bag, it provides a lot of value to the right person. With hefty, large pockets, it can fit anything from diapers to water bottles, baby wipes, and even some snacks for mommy and daddy.

Purple and very stylish, the Cashay Baby Premium will be a very nice item to have for quick picnics, barbecue parties, walks in the park and any activity that’s fit for the outdoors. One of the drawbacks of having a portable bassinet is the thinness of the base, so parents should pack an extra blanket (a thicker one) to provide adequate comfort to the toddlers.

When folded, it acts as a normal cradle would. Fabric limiters provide the toddler with protection and safety, keeping them from crawling away at will. The plastic arch that’s placed in the middle of the device can be the perfect place to hang a toy or a small mobile, keeping the toddler occupied and focused.

The material is a thick fabric, making the whole design very tough. It’s also fitted with one large, insulated pocket, great for keeping milk warm for an extra hour. It also comes with straps, buckles and other various features that allow the user to connect it to a stroller, making it even more portable and useful. Since its a bit on the heavier side, this would be the best way to use it in the outdoors.

Lastly, the mattress is waterproof and kind of soft, making it a great product for outdoor use. Sure, parents would be wise to still keep an eye out for their children, but this is generally a pretty safe choice for a park picnic or for a backyard barbecue.


Since parents tend to overthink things all of the time, it’s pretty hard to make a clear-headed choice for a product that’s basically in a sea of similar items. Versatile baby bassinets and diaper bags are around “every corner,” especially if the shopper opts for online retailers. In this case, there are a lot of things to keep an eye out for before making the right decision.

For instance, at first glance, the Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 Designer Diaper Bag – Travel Bassinet, Change Station, Portable Crib, Bed, Cot with bonus Stroller Straps. Includes Insulated Pockets and Bottleholders! might seem like a very attractive choice for the eager eye. Very luxurious design, this diaper bag bassinet looks more like a handbag than a portable diaper changing station.

The first thing that’s wrong with the Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 is that it comes with a strong chemical smell, which is usually associated with lower-quality, mass-produced products. This isn’t the right environment for a toddler, as the chemical smell might seriously have a negative impact on the toddler’s development.

Furthermore, the pockets aren’t that big, making its storage capabilities more inferior to those of the Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag, one of the main selling points of products that fit the portable bassinet category. After factoring in all of the differences, it’s pretty easy to see why the Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag is the better choice of the two and an overall great product.


Bassinets are a must-have for parents. But these products aren’t bassinets per se, and they’re more like all-in-one baby stations. Having somewhat large storage capabilities, safety features and an overall durable and comfortable design make them a great choice for parents that want their child to feel protected in any scenario.

The Cashay Baby Premium 3 in 1 Diaper Bag is a Baby Nap Mat / Baby Bassinet Portable, Diaper Changing Station, and offers Travel Accessories for Baby including a Mosquito Net Protection System makes for a great bassinet or baby changing station combo, due to its quality material constitution, large storage, and superior design. It’s a top market choice for the active, always-on-the-move family.

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