How to Teach Your Children to Read and Expect Higher IQ?

Reading is a skill, that as numerous research studies have revealed, needs to be developed at a very early age.

Reading is a skill, that as numerous research studies have revealed, needs to be developed at a very early age. Nobody can deny the benefits of reading to children such as phonics development, focusing, analytics, and mind-calming.

That's when we ran into a reading program called Children Learning Reading which was created by Jim Yang, who is a papa of 4 young kids who are all literate. This program is comprehensive but detailed and helpful for any parent who wants to know the best way to teach reading from early stages!

In this article, I would explain my experience to bring you a complete Children learning reading Review

When you truly understand how this program works, you would spend time teaching phonics to preschoolers more effectively to develop both the reading skills and the IQ of your babies. 

Children Learning Reading Program introduction

What Is Children's Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading Program was created as well as established by Jim as well as Elena to provide phonics programs for kindergarten. As the question of "how to teach a 2-year-old to read" has been a hot potato in the parenting world for a long. The program is a thorough system that features a detailed procedure that helps kids to find out just how to read. It makes use of phonemic and phonics ideas which target the developmental phonemic recognition of the youngster to raise their reading ability. 

Phonemic understanding aids youngsters to discover exactly how to translate as well as review created and printed messages promptly. Notably, this is considered a phonics strategies program for parents with children that are between the ages of 2 and also 6. The truth that it's easy, easy to follow, and also broken down right into steps, makes it incredibly effective.

About The Program

The Children Learning Reading program, created by Jim Yang, is a comprehensive 12-week program that aims to teach your baby to read in a happy way with all the benefits of reading to children. 

The program is divided into 2 phases, each consisting of a PDF. The program is additional broken down right into 50 structured lessons, which parents, as well as children, can finish at their own speed.

The materials consisted in the e-book are aimed to develop phonemic recognition in your youngster. Phonemic recognition is important as it aids kids approach brand-new and also large words with much more ease.

When youngsters fit with phonemes, that is the audio an alphabet makes, the program after that proceeds to string together different alphabets, finding out new words, and the sound they make.

What's Inside This Program?

Although I can list in detail the lesson in this child learning reading review, the summary is here. As mentioned over, the Program consists of two phases

Stage 1 of Children learning reading - the initial stage

28 lessons that revolve around the alphabets and also the audio each and every 26 of them make.

Ultimately, little and also straightforward words are introduced, as well as in the end, your child will be comfortable reviewing sentences, rhymes, and also short passages.

Phase 1 of the program paves a solid structure for your youngsters. This helps them to endure the complexity in the second phase.

Stage 2 of the Children's learning reading Program

22 lessons that improve the skills your kid has acquired in stage 1. The lessons would be leveled up to introduce large words, letters, complicated sentences, as well as paragraphs.

Together with lessons targeted at Phonics Foundation and Advanced Phonics, the digital download bundle additionally consists of a series of Children Learning Reading bonus offers.

It includes lesson stories, MP3 audio clips, and also nursery rhymes. The cost plan also consists of free video clip lessons.

A lifetime upgrade is one more incentive that is incorporated in both strategies offered on the main internet site.

The Children Learning Reading Program Gives A Total Overview Subjects to be guided reading teaching strategies for parents:

  • Children learning reading make use of baby phonics - the link between a letter and audio it makes.
  • Rise the child's learning ability along with improving reviewing fluency.
  • Children learning reading make the understanding procedure easy, faster, and shorter.
  • Exactly how to properly utilize the technique of mixing
  • Introduction on making use of phonemes as well as phonics
  • The fundamental foundation of understanding
  • Intro of easy words and also progressed words
  • Simple as well as enjoyable tasks to practice new concepts
  • Intro to digraphs
  • Short stories as well as rhymes

How Will Your Child Take Advantage of the reading to children Program?

The basic concept that influenced both Jim and Elena to establish this program is to effectively target the kid's developing stage. Throughout this phase, you have the ability to help the kid's mind right into proper development in addition to arm them with improved linguistic skills. This is the first point of Children learning reading.

Furthermore, according to numerous studies, making certain that your kid creates finding out abilities early will aid your kid to grow in confidence. They are adding even more likely to take pride in enhanced interest spans and also greater concentration degrees. With this in mind, the child will certainly be able to have early success in their academics and delight in discovering and developing brand-new abilities also. Children learning reading also want to emphasize this. 

Having your youngster develop their reading skills early will also affect their future social skills too. Equipped with the self-confidence that originates from academic success, they'll have the ability to browse their social life efficiently. In essence, the program targets 5 major areas that are critical to a child's very early development: neurological, emotional, linguistic, social, and also instructional. Children learning reading would support you on this. 

Whole Word Approach or the Phonics Approach? - The Latter.

To teach baby to read from a young age, baby phonics strategies is the better approach. 

Possibly it wasn't a bad point that my son didn't find out to check out the Children Learning Reading program due to the fact that now that I see it, it was teaching kids to review by the whole word method which implies my kid would need to "memorize" hundreds or thousands of word forms! Not a really audio and effective approach to analysis, I would certainly state.

I would certainly much instead he discovers to read by sounding out words as well as decoding words through the phonics and phonemic recognition directions. Incidentally, I have given that learned would create more successful readers in reading and spelling abilities. This is the method of guideline utilized in the Children Learning Reading program to deliver the benefits of reading to children. 

What Will You Gain From the Program?

The Children's learning reading is built upon the principles of phonics and also phonemes. They are the primary building blocks associated with reading - the perfect teaching reading comprehension strategies.

Via this Children learning reading, your youngster will certainly recognize exactly how the alphabets are obvious separately, as well as exactly how the sound of the exact same alphabet adjustments when made use of in a word.

Recognizing this difference is crucial, as this phonics is what builds the foundation on which children can confidently approach new words and bigger sentences.

When they start recognizing and articulating new words by themselves, it instills in them a strong sense of self-confidence, which can go a long way once they begin their academic trips.

Children Learning Reading Premium combo

The premium combo features extra incentives as listed below:

Lesson Videos: A 12-week documentation of how the program can easily be taught to toddlers. The lessons in the video clip of Children learning reading are shown by Jim and Elena themselves to their second youngster, Ethan. It additionally demonstrates a lesson by lesson evidence of progression attained.

Stage 1 Pre-set hard copies: Complete collection of printouts of all the lessons in phase 1 as it is used by Jim himself.

Stage 2 Pre-set hard copies: Full set of printouts of all the lessons in phase 2 as utilized it is by Jim himself for Children learning reading.

Rhymes: An illustrated coloring book for all the rhymes offered in stage 2 of Children's learning reading.

What are the pros and cons of this reading program?


  • The program thoroughly shows and assists your child to create phonics and phonemic awareness skills.
  • Based on the benefits of reading to children, Children learning reading simplifies the whole process for the best result.
  • Fantastic intro in the main e-book of Children's learning reading that clearly discusses the value as well as advantages of very early analysis, and the steps associated with helping your kid to learn reading.
  • Easy to follow and also it's all defined in the step-by-step lessons
  • A possibility for you to discover phonics too. I've never ever discovered phonics as a child so I took advantage of the lessons also.
  • Sound clips that show the appropriate enunciations of all the letter noises. I sure needed this as I had not been schooled in phonics.
  • The lessons are short to match the short attention span of youngsters and also the busy routines of parents.
  • Super-effective, and it will be so satisfying to see the reading development of your youngster after each lesson. It's absolutely a satisfying experience for me with Children learn reading.
  • There are printouts (Premium bundle) that you can publish, reduce and utilize in your lessons with your child. My boy loves the printouts as well as would certainly ask to play with them also after the lesson mores than.
  • This program is cheaper than a lot more well-known and prize-winning infant reading programs.
  • Everything in the program is downloadable so you can access it right away. There are no physical products to be delivered to you. Save money on shipping expenses.


  • As formerly pointed out, the program takes the typical approach, which needs the participation of both the moms and dad and child. This may not work for hectic parents that are juggling a lot of duties.
  • The program can just be accessed via the web. This restricts access to those that can not access the online platform. They do, however, have some physical books for their program.
  • This is a phonics program for kindergarten that can talk. If your youngster can not speak yet, then the program may not be appropriate for the kid right now.
  • Outcomes tend to differ. Children have a tendency to be different, and as you've clearly observed from your own team of kids, no one kid coincides. Some have a tendency to demonstrate quicker learning capacities, while others are a little slower. This suggests, that the outcomes of this child's learning reading extremely depends upon your youngster's learning ability.
  • If your child is a sluggish student, keep in mind your child will certainly reveal proceed a little later. What you require to do is collaborate with the youngster's rate, so as not to frustrate or lose him or her.

What are the benefits of reading to children?

1. Bonding

The first benefit of Children learning reading is social and family bonding. Reviewing with each other on the sofa, going to bed stories, and seeing the library are just some means of spending time with each other.

Reviewing offers a terrific possibility for you as well as your youngster to connect. It's a nice means to hang around with each other as well as slow down throughout an otherwise stressful day.

Plus, caregivers who have a positive perspective toward publications and also reading consequently assist their children to check out proficiency in a positive means.

2. Interest span

Kids need to sit still and also silently to ensure that they can focus on the story when they are reading. If they read frequently, they will certainly create the skill to do this for longer. The reason why read to toddlers is to help them develop crucial focus and self-discipline abilities.

You've possibly managed a wriggling, sidetracked kid at tale hour. But what you may likewise observe is that-- over time-- regular analysis obtains children eavesdropping in order to comprehend.

And also when they're paying attention, they're most likely to rest still, establish a longer interest period, as well as even work with their budding memory-retention skills. 

3. Cognitive and language development

Even the youngest kids benefit from hearing their caregivers read to them. A 2013 study showed that infants who are read to as well as talked with score higher in language abilities and cognitive growth, like issue fixing. This show the importance of children learning reading language skills from an early stage.

4. Expanded vocabulary

Children discover new words as they read. Unconsciously, they soak up info on just how to structure sentences as well as how to use words and also various other language attributes efficiently in their writing and also talking. One of the most important benefits of reading to children is to level up the vocabulary of your kids.

Think about it: The publications you check out usually include words you may not otherwise make use of in your daily communications.

One 2019 research study by the National Institute of Health estimated that kids who are on a regular basis checked out in the 5 years leading up to preschool are subjected to 1.4 million more words than kids who aren't reviewed during those years.

5. Imagination.

Reviewing is a much more intricate job for the human mind instead of viewing TV, for example. Checking out enhances brain connections and constructs NEW links.

Publications and also tales open a whole new world to your youngster. Yes, there are plenty of nonfiction publications on dinosaurs, pests, as well as planes. Fiction tales, though, go beyond the real world and utilize fantasy aspects that get youngsters thinking outside package. Creativity is important to your baby and that's why reading to toddlers is obviously necessary.

6. Life lessons.

Books provide a chance to talk about real-world scenarios in age-appropriate ways. Kids especially enjoy publications that feature kids their own ages doing things they carry out in everyday life. Reading to children benefits would give you chance to tell your baby your story and listen to their sharing and understand their thinking. 

Together with modeling what occurs in different situations, checking out books on targeted topics may assist kids not to feel alone when they deal with something brand-new, like moving across the nation, or something potentially unpleasant, like most likely to the dentist. 

7. Social and emotional advancement.

By checking out a selection of publications children learn more about people, places, as well as events beyond their own experiences. 

As youngsters establish they begin to envision exactly how they would feel in that circumstance.

To Cover It Up

The main inquiry to ask yourself is whether this program of Children learning reading would help you and your little ones. Consider your timetable as well as your youngster's understanding speed. If you have the ability to save at the very least 10 to fifteen mins of your day, this program is excellent for you.

However, what makes the Children Learning Reading Program a lot far better than the various other available options? With the many Knowing/ Teaching Programs readily available online today, why should anybody choose the Children Learning Reading Program?

The Children learning reading is able to divide itself from all the various other programs through one major element: ease as well as effectiveness. By taking the need for memorization out of the picture, your child will certainly not only have the ability to understand new principles yet additionally remember them. This additionally takes out the tedious nature that most programs seem to have, and also presents a more interesting as well as fun design of learning.

So, if you're having a problem teaching your child how to review, this Children's learning reading series was created for you. If you have to wish to have your child begin learning exactly how to read early, this program was additionally developed for you. By only taking a couple of mins out of your schedule, you'll be able to protect an effective future for your kid.

It may be hard initially, yet it gets much easier after a while. The youngster will obtain even more interest and also learn as quickly as her or his finding out possible and the program of Children learning reading enables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Children Learning Reading offer a totally free trial alternative?

The Children's learning reading does not provide a complimentary test. However, you can register for a safe trial, and obtain accessibility to the full program along with bonuses for 2 weeks, only $9.

Is Children Learning Reading program readily available in an offline mode?

No. The Kid Learning Reading program is available only in digital format.

Where can I purchase the typical package for Children Learning Reading?

You can go to the main website for Kid Learning Analysis for purchasing both the Requirement and Costs bundles.

What is the price of a Children Learning Reading standard bundle?

The standard package for the prices

How long do I need to await the Children Learning Reading PDF once I buy a plan?

Children's Understanding Analysis downloads are instant. You can download and install as well as start using the PDFs all within 30 secs.


If you want to teach your children well, it starts with reading. It’s no secret that the best way for kids to learn is by doing what we do in our adult lives and this includes reading. There are a number of ways you can help them get started on their journey into literacy including teaching them how to read at an early age or going through their favorite storybooks together as a family each night before bedtime.

The more they see books around the house, hear about authors and illustrators from friends and family members who enjoy reading and find themselves sitting down with mom or dad every day after school -the better off they will be when it comes time for testing later on in life.

There are many ways in which you can help your children learn to read. We hope our article has given you some new insight and ideas on what is effective for teaching reading skills. If you want more tips, guides, or information about how to teach your child to read and expect higher IQ scores - we have a resource list of sites below that will give you just that!

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