🥇 Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet Review

Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet Review

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Caring for a toddler is serious business. Shaping tiny humans into well-adjusted, highly efficient adults is a very intricate process that requires a lot more than just love and care. For instance, being a responsible consumer is a great lesson to teach a future adult and how better to prepare for these coming lessons if not by becoming a value shopper?

The term of value shopping is often thrown around as a purchase constricted by budget, but that is false. Value stands for performance per amount of money spent, meaning that an item is more valuable if it provides increased performance or utility. Parents now have the ability to be smart shoppers, with multipurpose baby care items being a valid choice for the toddler’s early months.

Bassinets, for instance, have undergone a big transformation since their first models, now being more useful tools to have when raising a toddler. Made from durable materials in a compact form, they’re the go-to item for parents that like to enjoy exploring the world and also provide comfort to their child.

Safety, comfort, and mobility are the main traits of a modern-day bassinet. Often acting as a changing station and diaper bag, these versatile pieces of baby gear are sure to provide the parents with a convenient mean of transporting baby care items, while doubling as a resting place for the babies.

Since the main topics are safety, comfort, and mobility,Diaper BagsBy Boxum Baby – Stylish 3 in 1 Multi-Functional – Travel Diaper BagPortable Bassinet & Changing Pad Station – Essential For Mom & Perfect Baby Shower Gift for Newborn Boy Girl is a product worth mentioning. There’s no denying that this product provides a great deal of the four mentioned traits since it’s specifically designed to provide parents with an all-in-one product that will take care of storage items and accommodate the child.

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Diaper Bags – by Boxum Baby

Diaper Bags - by Boxum Baby - Stylish 3 in 1 Multi-Functional - Travel Diaper Bag - Portable Bassinet & Changing Pad Station - Essential for Mom & Perfect Baby Shower Gift for Newborn Boy Girl
  • THREE-IN-ONE : Lythor's easy to carry bag combines a portable bassinet, change table and the storage space of a small diaper bag all in one.
  • ULTRA-PORTABLE BASSINET: Lythor's travel bassinet folds into the size of a regular diaper bag, giving you the freedom to carry your bassinet with ease while still retaining room for your baby's essential diaper changing needs. The waterproof wipe clean mattress and machine washable fitted sheet make cleaning up leaks a breeze.
  • CHANGE TABLE AND DIAPER BAG : Unzip the end panels to make diaper changing easy on the go. 5 zip compartments for storing diapers, creams, wipes and other baby necessities with 1 pocket insulated for baby bottle storage
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS :The bassinet bag has sturdy construction with thick mattress base, so baby can have a comfortable sleep. Includes a specially made fitted sheet away from velcro fasteners to keep baby safe. A great present for a baby shower.
  • VERSATILE : Convenient to take on vacation or just out for the day. An easy to fold away bed and change station to store at Grandma's house.


  • Diaper bag that folds into a bassinet
  • Made using thick fabric and a soft base
  • Mattress is machine washable, waterproof and spill-resistant
  • Has plenty of pockets for different items
  • Easy to move—comes with shoulder strap and a somewhat compact form

  • Features plenty of pockets for storing
  • Pretty good mattress, considering that this is a portable product
  • Spill-resistant mattress, making cleaning up much easier
  • Fitted with shoulder strap for easy transportation


  • The bassinet itself isn't the most stable


TheBoxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet is a perfect example of how competitiveness pushes the industry and creates innovative, life-enhancing products. This particular portable bassinet has a very low-profile and quality design, very satisfying to carry around. It can even be hooked up to a stroller, making it easier for parents to manipulate it.

Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 Designer Diaper Bag

Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 Designer Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet, Change Station, Portable Crib, Bed, Cot with Bonus Stroller Straps. Includes Insulated Pockets and Bottleholders!
  • 3 in 1 Diaper Bag! Diaper Bag, Bassinet and Change Station! Super easy to use! Converts to a bassinet in seconds!
  • Coverts to a bassinet/crib in seconds, soft padded liner gives your baby a very comfortable place to rest while on the go!
  • Polyester shell, with cotton lining pad for the bassinet! Easy to clean and comfortable for your baby!
  • 2 insulated bottle holders, and 5 zipper pockets to hold all your baby necessities!
  • Stroller strap, and shoulder strap! Carry your diaper bag easily on the go, or attach it to your stroller!

It's quite compact, so it can be placed in the trunk of a car with no issue. The cool thing about the design is that, even though it can only be used as a bassinet for around 6-8 months until will grow out of it, it can still be a perfectly functional diaper bag and changing station. This is what value is about—turning a product that has a very small lifespan into something that's going to be useful for years to come.

The design is nothing out of the ordinary; light gray was the color of choice, something that's probably a bit too neutral for a baby-related product. That being said, not being flashy is a very good trait that this product has since it can even be used as a normal shopping bag.

Comfort, on the other hand, is the most important factor that determines the quality of a bassinet. This one comes with a spill-proof, waterproof mattress. It’s also soft and comes with an additional soft blanket, making for a very comfortable environment for the toddler.

The overall material is thick and durable, so it's a pretty long-lasting item. Mobility is where it shines. It's great for weekend getaways, long strolls in the park, picnics, and barbecue parties—any place or time where a baby crib would be useful, really. While it lacks certain features that would make it optimal to use in the outdoors, it's still a solid choice for going out.

The various pockets are fitted for specific items, as well as generic ones. For instance, the large pockets are great for storing virtually anything, and diapers can be crammed in by the dozens. The smaller ones are bottle-shaped, ideal for placing a baby bottle, keeping it warm for an additional period of time.

Lastly, the biggest and most unique feature is the detachable panel. This unique feature allows the parent to continue using the bassinet even after the toddler grows out of it. The bottom fabric panel can be removed, so that the toddler could stretch out, turning into a very functional diaper changing station.


There’s a pretty good reason why the Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet has been the chosen product for this review—it’s at par with the best products in the baby care industry. To solidify this statement, it’s important to analyze industry alternatives and compare the two.

For comparison, the Chubbi Baby 3 in 1 Designer Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet, Change Station, Portable Crib, Bed, Cot with bonus Stroller Straps. Includes Insulated Pockets and Bottleholders is a product that aims to satisfy the same audience at a comparable price range. With that being said, there are some major differences between the two bassinets. For starters, there’s a design difference.

The Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet is not the best looking, especially when put next to the Chubbi Baby. With that said, this is where things take a turn. The Chubbi Baby has some major functionality flaws, like small pockets, a weak base, and a pretty thin mattress, scoring badly all over the board. In contrast, the Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet offers great functionality that exceeds its bassinet lifespan, making it a great value pick.


It’s clear that there’s a big market out there, but filtering through items doesn’t have to be a trial and error process. The Diaper Bags – By Boxum Baby – Stylish 3 in 1 Multi-Functional – Travel Diaper Bag – Portable Bassinet & Changing Pad Station – Essential For Mom & Perfect Baby Shower Gift for Newborn Boy Girl is a pretty well-thought product, sure to provide parents with a lot of functionality and babies with plenty of comforts.

The design is quite unique, the detachable panel being a very impressive solution for a product that would otherwise become obsolete pretty fast.

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