High-end Bassinets

High-end Bassinets


High-end Bassinets

  • In addition to the comfort and safety features that bassinets provide, some parents would go for designer baby furniture that provide luxury for their babies. These luxurious bassinets provide breathtaking shelter for babies with silk linen ranging from ruffles to bows.
  • A high quality bassinet makes the life of the parents easier as they are assured of their baby’s comfort. Hence, the parents have a dependable place for their little one to sleep. Some high-end bassinets also come with strollers.

In addition to luxury, the parents should ensure that the bassinets they purchase have the following features:

  • 1. They are functional. The bassinets should be able to provide the use that they are made for. They should have a storage basket which would carry the baby’s essentials including diapers, washcloth and extra clothes. For a luxury bassinet, converting it into a changing table should be worth the money. Not all bassinets have this function but it would be advantage to find one with it. The bassinet should also be a bedside sleeper so that the baby sleeps in their own space yet close to the mother.
  • 2. Mobility of the bassinet is also a great advantage of the bassinet. The parents should have ease of movement within different rooms in the house.
  • 3. Portability. This feature enables travel with the baby. It applies to bassinets which can be folded for storage.
  • 4. High-end bassinets would have melodious sound effects and vibrations that would calm fussy babies.
  • 5. An adjustable canopy is a preferred feature of a high-end bassinet providing the baby with ease to move their limbs. A stationary canopy can cause difficulty for a moving baby.
  • 6. The beddings and the linen of the bassinets should be soft to the baby’s skin. They should also be easy to wash so as to ensure that the baby is always in a hygienic environment.
  • Moreover, a high-end bassinet with toys would be a fit preference. Parents seeking luxury for their babies should also ensure safety features while shopping for bassinets.

Some of the safety features they would go for include:

  • 1. A seal of JPMA certification. JPMA is tasked with ensuring that the products that are manufactured for babies provide maximum safety for babies.
  • 2. The bassinets are required to have a sturdy base that ensures when the baby lies in it, they would not topple.
  • 3. The mattress or pad of the bassinet should be smooth enough for the baby to lie in. it should be able to provide the baby with maximum comfort as they sleep.

Some of the top high-end bassinets in the market include:

Summer Infant Fox and Friends Classic Comfort Wood



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  • This bassinet is a product of the Chinese baby furniture, the Summer Infant. The product is JPMA certified ensuring the baby’s safety. The bassinet is ideal for a newborn baby.  The bassinet is quilted with embroidery detail. The product can be purchased on the online market.

Gift for You Bassinet


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  • This bassinet has a luxurious silk look that is pleasant to the eye to meet high-end bassinet buyers. It is exquisitely draped in an ivory shantung bubble skirt. This bassinet is known to capture the buyer’s eye. This bassinet is a product of luxurious American company for baby furniture known as the Baby Doll.

Jolie Bassinet



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  • This fancy bassinet is a product of Lulla Smith, a luxurious company for baby products. Other than the incredible features of a regular bassinet, this bassinet provides elegance. It is an exquisitely great start for a newborn. It has bows dangling at either ends providing an elegant décor for the bassinet. It also contains a decorative pillow.

Pretty Ribbon Bassinet



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  • This high end bassinet is a product of Baby Doll, an American baby product company. It gives a combination of sophisticated design and youth. It is decorated with a silk ribbon providing the bassinet with an elegant look. The attractive bassinet enhances the baby’s nursery or the mother’s bedroom. This bassinet is machine washable.
  • Whether fancy or not, bassinets are available for people from all walks of life. However, they should all consider the baby’s safety as the first priority before deciding which designer bassinet to choose from. All bassinets should be JPMA certified. Parents can prepare for their baby’s homecoming with elegance.

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