JPMA Certified Bassinets

JPMA Certified Bassinets


The top features that they look for include

  • When buying bassinets for their babies, most mothers will consider the features that the bassinets come with.

The top features that they look for include:

√. An adjustable canopy

  • This feature ensures that the baby is able to move its limbs freely when in the bassinet.
  • A stationary canopy may work for newborns who are unlikely to move but the adjustable one is recommended when the baby begins moving.
  • It is wise to invest in an adjustable canopy bassinet so that there is no need to replace it after a while.

√. Mobility of the bassinet

  • Is another factor that many people would consider when purchasing a bassinet.
  • Mothers require a product that will enable them to be with their babies around the clock.
  • Therefore, a bassinet with wheels is more convenient.

√. A large storage basket on a bassinet

  • Is another major feature that a mother would look for when purchasing a bassinet.
  • The large basket is essential for the storage of the baby’s important stuff that include diapers and a washcloth.

√. A cost-friendly bassinet

  • Is another feature that parents would go for when purchasing a bassinet. The cost of the bassinet should match the features that the bassinet provides.
  • These are the main features that most bassinets come with. However, mothers should consider the most important aspect of the bassinet to purchase for their babies, and that is safety.
  • Although most bassinets would come with safety features such locking wheels, the most important thing they should consider is the JPMA certification.
  • The JPMA is an organization that is set with the responsibility of approving baby products that guarantee safety.
  • Bassinets are also a product to consider when looking for quality assurance of safety for the baby.
  • The JPMA certification is an important feature that also needs to be considered when purchasing a bassinet.

Some of the JPMA marked bassinets include:

Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

  • This is a product of the Delta Children, a company that manufactures baby products.
  • Sweet Beginnings Bassinet can assure the safety of a baby since it is JPMA certified.
  • When shopping for baby’s products, consider this bassinet that will provide an assurance that the baby is safe.

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Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper

  • This JPMA certified bassinet is a product of the manufacturer of baby’s products company referred to as Arm’s Reach.
  • Many products from this company have received safety assurance from the organization and this bassinet is one among them.
  • When shopping for a bassinet, this one should be considered thanks to the additional safety feature.

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The Rock n Play Portable Bassinet

  • As the name suggests, the main feature of this bassinet is its portability.
  • It can be folded for travel of storage and is also designed with mobility features.
  • The mother can travel with the baby and its bassinet and set the bassinet for the baby on arrival.
  • In addition to these incredible features, this bassinet is JPMA certified.
  • This ensures that the product will provide the baby with all the safety that they require.
  • This bassinet is a product of Fisher-Price, another company that manufactures baby’s products.

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The Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

  • This bassinet is assured to give the baby maximum comfort.
  • From the manufacturer of this and other baby products, Summer Infant, the company boasts of a mark of JPMA certification.
  • JPMA has approved this bassinet as a safety tool for the baby.

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Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

  • Halo, another manufacturer of baby products, has its bassinet, the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper JPMA approved.
  • This bassinet is therefore safe for baby. This is in addition to its main feature which allows rotation at 360 degrees bringing the baby close to the mother for safety, comfort and feeding.

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  • The above addressed JPMA certified bassinets are just a few of the over 2000 out of the 24 categories of product that have the JPMA certification.
  • More JPMA certified bassinets can be found on the market and online at considerably affordable prices.
  • A bassinet is the baby’s bed right from birth to around 5 months of age.
  • The parent of the baby should ensure that the baby is safe by providing it with the JPMA certified bassinet
  • Safety is a key feature of all bassinets and when buying one, the JPMA certified should be the first priority.

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