🥇 Lamont Home Bassinet – Full White Skirt Design Review

Lamont Home Bassinet – Full White Skirt Design Review

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If you are looking for a simple bassinet, you can consider buying the Lamont Home Bassinet as it gives the best value for your money. The design is very simple and also attractive at the same time.

You can rest assured that your baby will have a comfortable sleep in this bassinet. The unique feature of this item is that the sides are designed in such a way that it allows appropriate ventilation for the baby.

In this way, you need not worry about having proper air flow inside the bassinet and this will allow your baby to sleep well for a long duration without any disturbance. It also comes with a hood on top and this will block excess light falling on the head of the baby.

All these simple features will help you in many ways as it will avoid external disturbance to a large extent and this will help your baby to have a good sleep without any inconvenience. When your baby is having sufficient rest in this manner, even you will be very comfortable and you can also get appropriate rest during this time.

In this way, having a wonderful bassinet at your home will be very useful for all your family members. The entire unit comes with adequate safety features and there is a three point locking system that will hold the legs of the bassinet in proper position. This will ensure that the bassinet will not move on its own and stay comfortable in one place.

Lamont Home Good Night Baby Bassinet

Lamont Home Good Night Baby Bassinet - Full Skirt
  • Breathable Ventilation
  • Sturdy curved leg base and storage shelf
  • 4 Point locking system


  • The amazing feature of Lamont Home Bassinet is that it comes with a full skirt design that looks very attractive and you will completely fall in love with the outlook of the bassinet.
  • The dimensions of the product are 23.5 x 33 x 23.5 inches
  • It has a height of around 37 inches
  • The product weighs about 15.5 pounds
  • It can be easily assembled by following the instructions given in the manual
  • Very easy to maintain in good condition

  • Lasts for a long duration and gives complete value for your investment
  • The unique full skirt design is the major highlight of this product
  • The safety lock system will ensure that the bassinet will not move when you keep it in a stationary position
  • The hood at the top provides protection from excess light falling on the head of the baby
  • Can easily hold the weight of the baby


  • The unit does not come with wheels and you will have to lift it when you want to move it to a different place
  • The hood on top is not removable


The Lamont Home Bassinet comes in an attractive design and you will be completely impressed with the full skirt outlook of this bassinet. Yet another major advantage of using this product is that it provides appropriate ventilation unlike other products and your baby will not have any problems with air flow inside the bassinet.

The leg base is designed in a sturdy manner and you will even have an appropriate locking system to ensure that it will not move on its own. The item is also very light in weight and you can comfortably move it around the home without any problems.

However, you have to understand that it is not easy to take it along with you when you are travelling out of home. The unit also comes with the hood that will prevent light from falling on the face of the baby.

This will ensure that your baby will not be disturbed during sleep when you switch on the light in the room. The unit can be easily washed without any problems and you also have access to additional storage space that will help you to keep all the required accessories in one place.

All these features ensure that you will not have any issues with handling the bassinet at your home.


When you compare the features of Lamont Home Bassinet with other products like Dream On Me Bassinet, you will notice that they come with a complete hood for the entire unit. This product has the hood only on the top and allows for proper ventilation inside the bassinet.

Apart from that, this product also has an appropriate locking mechanism for the legs and this ensures appropriate safety for your baby. Similarly, products like Summer Infant come with wheels at the bottom, whereas the Lamont Home Bassinet does not have any such options.

Not having wheels is not a major disadvantage when you do not want to move the bassinet frequently at your place. Apart from that, it will also ensure that the bassinet will stay firm in one place without any disturbance.

In this way, you will have many advantages by using this unit at your place. The superior quality ventilation system offered by this unit is not found in other products available in the market.


After carefully considering all the features of Lamont Home Bassinet, you will notice that this gives the best comfort for your baby in the long run. You will also be completely impressed with the simple design of the bassinet and this makes it very easy to maintain the bassinet in good condition.

The full skirt design covers most of the bassinet and this is what makes the entire unit very attractive. The mattress is also very comfortable and you need not worry about your baby enjoying a good sleep on this bassinet.

It also has slots for keeping various accessories like diapers and other toys for your babies. This is a huge advantage for many people as they will get immediate access to such things. It does not feature any electronic gadgets and you will be able to use the bassinet for a long duration without any problems.

There is no need to worry about any maintenance issues and all you need to do is to assemble it properly for the first time by following the clear instructions given in the manual. Once this is done, you need not have to worry about anything and continue to use the bassinet for as long as you want in your home.

The unique safety features and ventilated sides of the bassinet make it the best choice for your baby.

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