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Safest Bassinet for Newborn

Before deciding to buy a bassinet for their newborns, many mothers ask themselves, are bassinets safe for their newborns? Is it necessary for a baby to sleep in a bassinet before a crib? So far, research has not proven how safe or how hazardous a bassinet can be.

However, many parents would consider having a bassinet for their babies other than sharing the bed with the mothers. Many baby product companies have come up with a lot of bassinet designs to ensure safety when using bassinets, along with other features that provide conducive environment for the baby’s well being.

Bassinets are preferred for newborn babies up to about 9 months of age, depending on the bassinet, to cribs. Certain factors that make bassinets an option for newborns include:

1. The small space occupied by bassinets as compared to cribs allow mothers to be able to sleep with their babies in the same room.

2. Bassinets provide comfort for the baby. A baby is cozier in a small warm place as compared to a large crib or the mother’s bed. The bassinets also lower the risks of Sudden Infant Deaths as compared to cribs.

3. Portability and mobility of bassinets make them efficient for movement around rooms and travel of babies.

From the above factors, it is clear that bassinets come in handy from when the baby is born to a few months old. However, when purchasing a bassinet for a newborn, parents should consider safety factors as key to ensuring their baby’s wellbeing. The safe features of a safe bassinet for a newborn include:

1. A JPMA certification. This certification gives safety assurance for the baby. Any product with a JPMA certification has been approved as a safe gadget for the baby.

2. For mobile bassinets, the wheels should be lockable when stationary.

3. The bassinet should be designed in a way to ensure air flow and circulation in order prevent Sudden Infant Deaths, commonly, SIDS.

4. The bassinet should have a removable fabric liner that ensures the baby is in a hygenic environment.

Some of the safest bassinets with the features above include:

Fox and friends Classic Comfort wood bassinet

Being a product of the Summer Infant company, this product is approved by JPMA for its safety features. This bassinet is ideal for a newborn as it can be easily be taken into the mother’s room so the baby can be close to the mother at all times.

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Smart Lux Bassinet

This is another top safety product for newborns that has been approved by JPMA. This is a product of Phil & Ted. It allows comfort for the newborn and provides proper ventilation and air flow.

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Swinging Safari Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet

Also a product of Summer Infant, this bassinet has a safety approval from JPMA. This bassinet is equipped with safety features such as locking castors. This feature ensures that the newborn is safe. An adjustable canopy is also available to prevent strangulation of the baby.

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Graco Pack n Play Playard with Newborn Napper

The Graco Pack N Play Playard bassinet is known to keep the baby safe in a luxurious velour napper. The napper station of this bassinet is designed with an incredibly soft fabric that is suitable for newborn baby’s skin. This bassinet has all features suitable for an appropriate bassinet for newborns.

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Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet

This bassinet is a product of Arm’s Reach, a baby products company that is known to provide safe bassinets. With this bassinet, the baby can be always close to the mother as they sleep.

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The mother does not require a lot of movement as she can easily reach out to her baby for comfort and bonding. This bassinet is a safe alternative to bed sharing for the newborn, reducing the risk of SIDs.

Therefore, when choosing a bassinet for your newborn, ensure that the bassinet has the required safety standards which are stability and durability. The bassinet should also be able to hold the weight of the baby. Most bassinets support a weight of 15-20 pounds.

The most probable bassinet for a newborn should contain baby beddings to enhance the comfort of the baby. After all the safety measures are considered, the bassinet style can come in, considering the style of choice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. We are here to help and will answer as soon as we can.

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