99+ Simon Says Idea for Happy Time With Kids

If you are searching for an indoor game to play with your kid, Simon Says Game is the one you need. This game has very simple rules.

If you are searching for an indoor game to play with your kid, Simon Says Game is the one you need. This game has very simple rules. But it is a super funny and educational game for your kids. Let us introduce to you some perfect Simon Says game ideas in this post.

For the game’s rules, you can read them below.


Simon says is a game that can help your kids develop their essential skills. For that reason, you should think about their sense of humor and what they are learning. Here we divide the ideas into three groups.

Beginner Simon says ideas

This group of ideas will help your kids develop their listening skills and have awareness of their body parts and things around them.

  • touch your head
  • touch your hair
  • touch your forehead
  • wink your eyes
  • touch your nose
  • touch your cheek
  • touch your chin
  • touch your mouth
  • touch your lips
  • touch your neck
  • touch your shoulders
  • touch your back
  • touch your arms
  • hold your hands
  • put your thumb up
  • put your index finger up
  • put your ring finger up
  • put your little finger up
  • hold your wrist
  • touch your belly
  • touch your waist
  • touch your thigh
  • touch your knees
  • touch your calf
  • hold your ankles
  • touch your heel
  • touch your toes
  • touch your ears
  • wink at your friend
  • touch your elbows
  • touch your jaw
  • comb your hair
  • touch your eyebrows

These ideas are appropriate for any age. They are especially good for 1 - 6 years old kids. In this stage, they can learn everything very fast. By using these Simon says game ideas while playing with them, you can teach them many new words.

Junior Simon says ideas

This group of ideas will help your kids develop their thinking skills and learn how to use their muscles, you can also see their talent in their reaction and thinking 

  • sit down
  • sit on your chair
  • sit on the sofa
  • sit on the carpet
  • stand up
  • stand on one foot
  • nod your head
  • shake your head
  • open your mouth
  • shrug your shoulder
  • swing your arms
  • do v sign
  • make a heart with your fingers
  • swim
  • play the guitar
  • play the piano
  • play jump rope
  • kick the ball to the goal
  • catch the ball
  • kick the red ball
  • throw the ball to the basket
  • play basketball
  • play badminton
  • turn to the left
  • turn around
  • one step forward
  • two steps back
  • step to the right
  • two-step to the left
  • jump 2 steps forward
  • jump 2 steps backward
  • run to the kitchen
  • lay down
  • climb on a ladder
  • raise your hands
  • say I love you
  • read a book
  • spin around
  • Sing a song
  • dance like Michael Jackson
  • sweep the floor
  • wash the dishes
  • laugh out loud
  • shake hand with your friend
  • wash your hand
  • jump up and down
  • do squat
  • spell APPLE
  • multiply 5 by 2
  • meow like a cat
  • stand in a group of 3
  • do the Harem shake

2 - 6 years old kids will develop their motor skills very fast. You can use these ideas to encourage your kids to practice and develop their skills effectively.

Senior Simon says ideas

Let’s make the idea more tricky for your kid. You can say your command without a particular thing but a hint for them to look for that thing.

  • find something made of wood
  • touch something soft
  • climb on something
  • eat something sweet
  • find something colored green
  • point to something round
  • draw something that can fly
  • draw something yellow
  • say something that starts with A
  • say a name starting with B
  • say fruit name start with C
  • act like an animal you like
  • name a song you sing on the birthday

These ideas can help your kid learn how to solve the problem. They can improve a kid’s imagination and creative ability. The kids will have to use their senses and knowledge to find out what the thing is in the command.

These commands may sound so easy but they can help your kids be smarter.  

Master Simon says ideas

If your kids easily follow all of your commands, let them try giving their commands this time. They will have to think about what to say and how to make the command harder for them. This will help them improve their thinking, speaking, and memory.

  • You may know your kid’s sense of humor or what they like through their commands
  • By giving the commands themself, the kid can improve their leadership and their ability to speak in public.
  • A kid can come up with some silly commands, but they are also super creative. You may be surprised when they say the commands. 

Simon says game rules

Your game will be super funny within the Simon says game ideas, and another important thing before playing is the game rules. For that reason, before you start the game, let’s have a look at it:

  • Choose one person to be Simon, who says the commands.
  • The commands can start with “Simon says …” or not.
  • If the command starts with “Simon says … “, everyone has to do what Simon has said. If it doesn’t, anyone doing what Simon said will be eliminated from the game.
  • The last person who is not eliminated will be the next Simon. If everyone is out, the current Simon will be kept.

Example 1

  • Simon says clap your hands
  • Simon says clap your hands 2 times
  • Simon says clap your hands 3 times
  • 4 times

If anyone claps their hands 4 times they will be eliminated

Example 2

  • Simon says put your right hand up
  • Simon says put your left hand up 
  • Simon says sit down

This time, Simon didn’t say put your hands down, if anyone puts their hands down, they will be eliminated.

Tips to play Simon says

To make the game funnier  you can try saying your Simon says game ideas in some of these ways:

Tip 1: Say the command faster

Try to say the command faster, the kid will have to focus on what you say, and their listening skill will be improved. If you suddenly say faster, you can make the kids surprised and the game will be even more interesting.

Tip 2: Say more than one action in a command

Say more than one action and your kids will pay extra attention to the command. They have to remember all of what you say and do it correctly. This will make the game harder but your kids can develop their memory. And for sure, the kid will love it. You can also read a couple of actions faster, this makes the game even harder but it will be super fun. 

Tip 3: Spell command

Spelling the command will help your kids learn new words effectively. You can spell it slowly but it will make the game more interesting. Here are some of Simon says game ideas example:

  • Simon says touch your H-E-A-D
  • Simon says climb on the L-A-D-D-E-R
  • Simon says point to something C-I-R-C-L-E

Your kids will have to listen carefully if they don’t want to misspell the word. They will learn new words as well as be patient.

Tip 4: Use body language

You can use your body language to explain the command. The kids will have to guess what the command is and follow it. Here is some example:

  • Simon says touch your ( point at your head)
  • Simon says touch something ( draw a circle)
  • Simon says this animal name ( act like a cat)

By guessing the commands, the kids can learn body language, and their creativity can be developed.

Benefits of Simon says 

Because of the game rules, your kids have to pay attention and listen carefully to the commands. This can help them develop their sight and hearing. By using the appropriate Simon says ideas, you can also help your kids develop their 7 senses. This will help your kid develop effectively.

Simon says the game is also good for learning new knowledge. They can learn new words, physical phenomena, and body language.  

When your kids are in the role of Simon, they can develop their leadership and ability to speak in public. Being Simon makes them think about what to say. This will help their memory develop. To make a decision, your kids also be more decisive. 

Instead of reading books and doing homework, playing Simon says can help your kid learn new things in a dynamic way. You can also have a good time playing with them and maybe find out your kid’s personality.      


We introduced to you some of Simon says ideas for kids and the game rules. This game is suitable for playing with your kids or playing at a party with a large group of people. Anyone at any age can play this game.

Not only funny but this game is also educational. This funny game can help your kids develop their listening skills, speaking skills, and many other important skills. We hope you and your kids will love this game and have a joyful moment together.

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