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Top Bassinet Brands In The US Market In 2017

Are you looking for a good bassinet? We are here to suggest some of the best bassinet brands in the US market in 2017. If we take a closer look, we can see that today’s bassinets have come a long way. Like any other product in the market, you will come across good, average and ugly bassinets.

Given it is not that easy to pick something which is really good, we have come up with a list. Let’s get right to it below.

HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

We are honored to introduce HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet. We rate it pretty high on our list. And we should forewarn you that it is really expensive.

The quality comes with a price tag. It’s a multi-purpose bassinet. The build quality is excellent. We have no complaints regarding that. It has mesh ventilating sides.

You can bring it closer to you with the help of swivels and rotates. It is equipped with a feeding timer. If you are a fan of soothing vibrations, then you have got that as well.

You will be mighty impressed with the sleep sounds. Nightlight is another exciting feature. If you wish to adjust the height of the bassinet, then that is also possible.

It’s a co-sleeper which you don’t want to let go of. We have done our own testing. Our verdict – it’s brilliant! First and foremost, it looks amazing. We totally fell for the sturdy feel. Being able to adjust the height to our requirement was another impressive thing about this one.

If you had a C-section, then this feature is going to be a real blessing. You can easily adjust the height without getting up frequently.

You can lower down the sidewalls to make sure that you and the baby are on the same level. A mother who just had a C-section will find it really easy to relax all thanks to this bassinet.

If you wish to reduce the risk of SIDS then this brand is the perfect choice. We are not the ones saying it. The CJ Foundation is saying it. According to their certification, this one is the safest bassinet out there.

However, we would like to remind you that there are negatives as well. We were not that impressed with the comfort level of the mattress. It couldn’t match up to some other brands in the market.

However, to reduce the risk of SIDS, you are advised to go for firm mattresses. Also, a bit of a struggle was there in keeping the perfect level.


Less than $300 for premier version. But you can find a less expensive Essentia version minus many of the features. If you are not looking for fancy features, then it is better to go for the Essentia version.

BabyBjorn Gentle Rocking Cradle

Are you looking for a stylish bassinet? Are you looking for a beautiful bassinet? Then this particular brand is the answer to all your queries.

Many parents have given really good score for this brand after their testing. We have done testing on our ends as well. In the end, there is no denying that it is incredibly beautiful. It’s like a new piece of stylish furniture.

Just to be clear, it doesn’t act like a co-sleeper at all. You will be disappointed if you are looking for a lot of fancy items. It doesn’t come with motorized rocking, vibrations, whistles or even bells. In an overall sense, it comes across a very natural piece.

It comes with a lightweight suspension system. It will rock itself in response to the motion of the baby. As far as rocking is concerned, you can do it too.

The best thing about this brand is that they have used only tested and safe materials. Being lightweight is a big plus. It has amazing mesh breathable sides.


In general, it comes under the bracket of $300. Yes, it is bit expensive.

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

If you have been thinking that good quality bassinets are incredibly expensive, then this brand is an exception. It’s an affordable brand. Another good thing about this brand is that it comes with lots of unique features.

Most importantly, you can use it as a changing table as well. You can change diapers with lot of ease for the same reason. It is so much neater to change diapers that way.


It is available for a price tag less than $120.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

If you are really interested in buying a co-sleeper, then this brand is the ideal choice for you. However, it is really hard to spot.

As a parent, you like to share the bed with the newborn. It is an intimate experience no mother wants to miss out on. However, suffocation risk and SIDS risk prevent parents from doing so. And a co-sleeper can fulfil your desire.

A co-sleeper makes it a safer experience for the baby. Yes, The HALO is a great brand that allows co-sleeping. But as we know, it is really expensive.

In general, co-sleepers are expensive. For a mom who has undergone C-section, a co-sleeper might be the perfect gift.


Less than $200.

Ingenuity Fold-Away Rocking Bassinet

One can say that it is a cross between a bassinet and a travel playard. It is perfect for travel. You can fold it quite nicely. You can easily fit into a large suitcase. If you live in a small apartment, a brand like this will be really helpful.

How does it function as a bassinet? Well, it works pretty well as a bassinet for that matter. The style is really cute. It comes with thicker and softer mattress. Mesh sides are breathable.

The padding over bars makes it look really cute; in short, so much going for this one. Portability has to be the best feature of this brand. In general, it is a well-built bassinet. It is nice looking as well.


You can buy it for less than $100. It’s quite economical.

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