🥇 What is A Bassinet Used For and How It Differs From A Crib?

What is A Bassinet Used For and How It Differs From A Crib


What is A Bassinet Used For and How It Differs From A Crib?

  • Parents have plenty of decisions to make while waiting for the baby to be born including what to buy for their little ones.
  • Where the baby will sleep or be placed for most of the time is a major consideration, and many parents are at a loss on what to purchase.
  • Arguably, not everyone knows what is a bassinet used for and how it differs from a crib.
  • If you are one of those who are confused on what to get for the baby, then this article is for you.
  • When buying for the baby, keep in mind that infants sleep for most of the day.
  • It is then essential to find an item that will let your infant sleep comfortably and safely.

Knowing What is a Bassinet Used For: The Advantages

  • A bassinet is a wicker cradle that often comes with a hood.
  • It is perfect for those who live in smaller spaces as a bassinet is more portable than a crib.

  • Bassinets often have a cover or a hood that can be pulled over while the infant is asleep.
  • They have lower sides so the parent will not need to lean over to get their babies.
  • However, this item can only be used for a limited time, particularly for the first few months of the little one as bassinets have weight limits.
  • On the other hand, cribs can be used for a longer period. Some even allow parents to turn them into toddler beds.
  • Cribs are also more expensive than bassinets since they can be used even when the child is already a toddler.
  • However, cribs are not portable and consume more space than bassinets.
  • Moreover, parents will have to lean towards their child since cribs have higher sides.

Which to Buy?

  • Now that we know what is a bassinet used for and how it differs from a crib, then its time to discuss which would be the better choice.
  • Space is a major consideration if parents are confused over what to purchase. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is best for newborns to sleep in a different space than their parents but to be still in the same room.
  • If the parent’s room is a bit cramped, then a crib may not be an option. A bassinet would be ideal since it does not consume as much space as a crib.
  • But the parent’s sleeping area is not the only consideration. After all, parents may want the little ones to sleep and stay in other areas of the house like a porch, living room or a different bedroom than the parent’s sleeping area.
  • If this is the preference of the parents, then a bassinet is still the better option since it is more portable than a crib. One can quickly move the bassinet around the house.
  • The ease of use is another thing to keep in mind. A bassinet has much lower sides than a crib, so placing the baby inside it will be an easier task.
  • This feature is particularly important for mothers who gave birth via a cesarean section since mobility for the first few weeks might be limited.
  • Arguably, mothers might want to eliminate the need for bending over constantly either to pick up or to lay the baby down.
  • Price is another primary consideration. Parents who are just starting out may have a limited budget for the baby’s need and will need some more months before they can buy all the infant’s stuff. As such, it might be advisable to go for a bassinet since it is cheaper than a crib.
  • This will buy a parent or couple more time to save up for a crib.

Safety Comes First

  • Parents should not buy just any bassinets they find. In fact, bassinets have safety standards, but they were only implemented in 2014. So, for those buying used or second-hand items, it is advisable to check the safety features of the bassinet.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission of the CPSC was tasked to create mandatory standards for different baby products including bassinet to prevent incidents of falling, suffocation, entrapment and accidental falling, just to name a few.
  • This standard requires manufacturers to ensure that the fabric or mesh openings will not entrap body parts like fingers or toes or even the buttons on the infants wear.
  • Similarly, manufacturers are required to check the stability of the item to determine whether it’s possible for the baby to tip over. Plus, the product’s side height must be adequate to prevent the infant from falling out of the bassinet or the crib.
  • Additionally, product makers must also check the thickness and dimension of the sleeping pad to prevent suffocation from the additional pad or entrapment on the gaps.
  • Static load checks are also required to see the structural integrity of the bassinet even when a big infant is inside. Manufacturers are also required to test the latches and locks to reduce accidental folding.
  • These are some of the safety standard being implemented for bassinets in the United States, and there are still others. Hence, it is crucial to check for the safety features of the bassinet before buying one as the baby’s safety, and health must always be a top priority.

Other Factors To Consider

  • Safety is one primary consideration when choosing a bassinet or even a crib, among others.
  • But there are other things to keep in mind when buying a bassinet.
  • Portability is a crucial factor when purchasing an item. As mentioned, one of the virtues of bassinets is their portability.
  • As such, parents may want to choose products that are smaller or even lighter so that they can easily be brought and transferred to another area of the house.
  • One must look around at the entire home to know the possible location of the bassinet. For example, parents must look at their rooms to determine how much space is available for the item.
  • Similarly, one must plan on where the bassinet will be placed on other areas of the home like the living room, guest room or even the porch. There might be size limitations, and as such products with smaller dimensions might work best.
  • Buying a bassinet is no rocket science, but it does require some planning and research for the baby’s safety and convenience must always be considered at all times.
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