What to Bring to the Hospital When Baby is Born- Checklist

What to pack in your hospital bag. You're in the final stages of pregnancy, and it's time to prepare for the big day. Without knowing exactly when your baby will arrive, it's best to be ready.

You are in the final stretch of your pregnancy, and it is time to prepare for the big day. Not knowing exactly when your baby will come, it is best to be ready. Pre-packing a to-go bag of supplies will help you get to the hospital faster and relieve any stress about what to bring at the moment.

Depending on where you live, the most important thing to bring will be your health insurance, hospital forms, and birth plan. Your first point of contact will be the admitting station or emergency. Having these documents will not hold you up.

Birth plan: I always recommend you have 2 copies of your birth plan. One that you can always hold onto if the first copy is misplaced. A birth plan is important if you have health conditions, or you are preparing for a particular birth.

Another important point to make is, do not bring your best Sunday wear. From shoes to slippers to your favorite robe, there is a good chance you will not be using these items again; Birthing will likely leave them a mess.

Your hospital stay: It's hard to know how much to pack considering the fact that you don’t know how lengthy your stay will be. If you live close to the hospital, you can likely have someone that can go home to replenish supplies. On the other hand, a good rule of thumb is to pack 2 changes of clothes for yourself and your baby. Many women do not like to wear hospital gowns and prefer their own clothing, but it is an option when in a pinch.

The Essentials for Mommy and Daddy  

Clothing: Comfy clothes are the best. You will want socks, slippers, a robe, and a nightgown or pajamas. A lot of women like shorts and a shirt to stay cool, and if you get cold, you have a robe to cover up with. Another important piece of clothing is underwear, bring lots of underwear, you will likely be changing them very frequently.

After Birth clothing: Yoga-type clothes are very comfy and convenient to lounge in. If you are breastfeeding bring your nursing bras- you will appreciate the leak protection and support.

Toiletries: It is always preferred to have your toiletries. Bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, and soap. Some women like to have makeup if they get a chance to shower and get prepped before adorning guests arrive.

Technology: Cell phones and phone chargers are a must. If you plan on calling family or tweeting the new arrival, you will want a well-charged phone. If you plan on using a camera bring all the essentials, like memory cards, charger, and case

Snacks: The hospital does provide food, but it is not on your schedule. Depending on when you arrive at the hospital and when you have last eaten may not line up. Giving birth is also going to burn a lot of your energy. Some women need food right after they deliver. The point is, you will want to bring some of your own food and snacks. Granola bars, juice boxes, and fruit are great. You may also want to bring change or cash for vending machines.

.For Daddy: Don’t forget that dad will need some supplies too. If he is spending the night with you, he might want his own pillow and blanket. Ear plugs are great too since the hospital is never really quiet. His own toiletries, change of clothes and so on should also be brought along.

The Essentials for Baby 

Car seat: you must have your approved car seat to bring the baby home. Having your car seat installed before your delivery is best. It is great to learn how to use it and install it before the baby comes.

Baby clothes: Now, this can be a little tricky when you do not know the size of your baby. It is a good idea to bring 2-3 different sizes of sleepers. Depending on what time of year you have a baby, you will want a warm hat and a blanket to keep warm; both are a good idea even if it's summer, your baby might prefer to be bundled up.

Baby Book: You may be spending some time in the hospital, and you sure do not want to wish you brought your baby book. It is great to help pass the time as well, and get those first-day memories. Many baby books have a space for a snip of your newborn's hair and their footprints.


Here are some tips and guides to help you prepare for bringing your baby home from the hospital. Fill out this checklist of items before heading off to the hospital so that when it’s time, all you need is an uber ride! Don't forget these essentials while packing for your trip back home after giving birth.

We've compiled a list of things not to forget with instructions on how best to use them in order to better care for yourself and your new bundle of joy during those first few days at home. If you're having trouble deciding what exactly should be included in your bag, here's our guide on What To Bring To The Hospital When the Baby Is Born.

This may seem like a lot to bring, but I always think it is better to have too much than wish you had brought other supplies. A lot of this can be in the car before you go into labor. I recommend having the car stocked and a bag in the house with all your personnel and expensive gear.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and you will be better prepared for when it's time to bring a baby into the world.

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